Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Thank you all for your kind wishes, your gentle emails and your warm hugs (real and virtual).

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

and so it goes...

We have been camped out at mom's house for 2 months. You can see the current puzzle on the table. My clever wife bought a bunch of puzzles and invited everyone to participate including the nurses and aides and anyone else who stopped by.
Also you can catch a glimpse of her mattress there propped against the wall. The first time we tried the hospital bed with her was ...well lets just say a fiasco... that time we had the mattress stored away neatly in the basement.
The second time was in haste, and so the mattress sits.
Mom said just two days ago in her haze... I want my dining room back.

sorry for the fuzzy photos. but i am blogging from the computer seen in the pic above on mom's dining room table, and using my cell phone to snap photos.

Ann 'Annie' M. Tilbe DeSiero-Guerrera

3.17.1933 - 10.5.2010

(yeah.. I used all all her real names - screw anonymity)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

pump it up

yesterday we had a little pump installed.

no more math.
this snazzy little contraption drips in a constant flow of morphine.
mmm, morphine.
they used her power port - easy peasy.

it even has a little red button for breakthrough pain - (which we are using more than we thought we might, and so the pump is actually being adjusted to a higher dose right now).
the button rocks. no measuring. no spilling. and clean up is a breeze!
plus you can push it as many times as you want without worry.
it knows.
oh... and so do we. we know what this means.