Monday, May 10, 2004


I always enjoy reading other peoples 'about' pages. Its not so much voyeurism as a way of cutting to the chase. Who are you, are we the same, are we different, does it matter.
So out of fairness, I feel obligated to include one here. I will try not to be too lengthy, because that can get tedious. Although I have been around awhile so I may have to omit some details.
I am honored to share my life with my soulmate. We found each other when we were young enough to be stupid, and fun, and full of lust - for that I am ever thrilled. We are going on 20 years now. She is deep, sensitive and positively sexy. She is an award winning artist (oils and watercolors), she is a Reiki practitioner and one hell of a card shark. She likes to bet on things like football and horse races (I abhor betting), and loves a good glass of cabernet. She's a fabulous writer, and makes the best pesto. She gardens in vegetables and perennials. And, she loves me.
We have two absolutely amazing kids. No, really - these are awesome people, and when we finally release them out into the wild, you will see for yourself. One is in grad school (and living with us for obvious financial reasons -- grad school is hard, and costs alot of money), the other is learning to drive (which is not so hard, but costs alot of money).
We share our home with a big 'free' dog (80 lbs) and a small 'panzy' dog (6 lbs), and a cat (around 12 lbs. in case you wanted to know).
And me... well, I am 40 something, and happy about that. I like my gray hairs and my tiny new wrinkles. I am pleased with my journey. I am happy in my skin. I love to clean - I also love it once I am done cleaning. It's a really odd thing to like so much, but I do. It is my Zen. I cut the grass... alot. I like it to be tidy. That way it also showcases my wife’s beautiful gardens. (however, since the addition of the 'free' dog, both lawn and gardens have suffered somewhat - but that is another story). I am a beer drinker, although have recently discovered Cosmos and I really like them. Most of my wardrobe is from Eddie Bauer. I am not political, although I used to be a news junkie until just recently. Now the news is too hard, too real, too disturbing. Therefore I am now enamored with Animal Planet, the National Geographic channel, oh... and most any cable series out there (Sopranos, L Word, Six Feet Under...). When both are kids are out on their own - I plan to shut cable off completely, and put the old antenna (remember those) back up. Did you know TV is free!
We have been in our home for 16 years. Its an old farmhouse colonial and we have done considerable work to it. A good deal of the work we do ourselves. You may say...we are pretty handy around the house. We can frame, sheetrock, mud, tile, and paint. We have done stonework outside and lighting inside. I can change a faucet, pull and replace a toilet, but draw the plumbing line there.
We have a big yard. 10 years ago...that may have been its more like complaining. Funny how we age, but when you need more than 3 gas powered accessories to maintain a yard - enough is enough.
We are both somewhat homebodies. But have started to venture back out again - now that the kids are pretty much self-sufficient. We are rediscovering ourselves, as we have done many times over the past years. Its fun. You should try it.
That's me and us...
Anything are welcome to ask.

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amy said...

you guys sound fantastic! my partner and i have been together for 10 years (we also met when we were very young) and have 2 daughters. so, i'm guessing we're a decade and a half behind you guys so i'm going to read and take notes ; ).