Tuesday, April 28, 2015

fit bits and de tox

What have we become.

I actually heard myself say this morning...
"I have switched from wine to beer this week to see ...who really cares..."

But wait - let me see... hold on...checking.. yeah I have 2371 steps so far today.

So this is it. This is what we do now.
We deny ourselves foods that are perceived as bad. We cut out dairy, or wheat, or carbs, or chocolate or meat or eggs or heroin.
Then we track our steps. How many steps to the car, to the ladies room? If I drink alot of water I will pee more -- more steps!

I am looking forward to retirement. When I won't have to care. I can check out.
Tho its no longer acceptable to look forward to something - because then I am not being 'present'.

Maybe I'll just go back to drinking wine. I hear a Cabernet pairs nicely with Twinkies.