Monday, January 31, 2011

a slippery slope

Apparently there is a massive storm blowing into the area tomorrow which will bring with it several more inches of snow and then a full day of ice on top of that.
This will be very heavy. A big concern here has been snow loads on roofs.
So far most of the collapses have been flat roofed buildings and sheds. But with a storm like this coming - this could change.

We were watching the news this morning and there were reports of people falling off their roofs and ending up in the hospital all over the area.
Perhaps these people have slightly underestimated their own capabilities or maybe they have forgotten that snow and ice can be slippery.

Our old colonial farm house has a pretty steep pitch to it. This not only helps keep the snow totals lower -but carries the load better.

The problem here is our much flatter lower roof which wraps around half the house.

There is some drifting, and parts of this roof never see the sun - this has us a little concerned. Concerned enough in fact to want to do something about it.
But -with the storm on the way early tomorrow morning, it leaves us no time to hire this job out.

I am working from home today - so my arthritic wife has forbid me to do anything about this until she gets home this evening.
(tee hee)
What makes a dangerous job more fun? That's right, do it in the dark. Might even be better if we were drunk - but I have enough trouble with ladders sober, so we may pass on that.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to get pictures of the project in progress... unless of course the news crews get here in time.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


who needs words - when you have a shovel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's only a matter of time

We have had some melting here so the snow depths are lessening. Just after the melting came a deep freeze.
We woke up the other morning to a balmy -5°.
That freeze solidified the damp, packed snow into a couple of feet of ice.

This ice is now solid enough to hold up a person - or say... a large dog.
Our large FREE dog has figured that out and is quite pleased not to have be doing her business in the man made paths anymore.

I wonder tho - how long it will take her to figure out the fence is essentially less than two feet tall now.

Friday, January 21, 2011


we shoveled again this morning. apparently there's more coming on Tuesday.

I took some pictures a few days back, or was it weeks? or was it yesterday.
O well, either way I thought I might like to look back on these.
We'll just call this they year we didn't need the gym.

I should also mention our star shoveler - Ferris, is soaking up the warmth, good food and good times in Florence. He simply bought a ticket, got on a plane, and now he has a little efficiency with a roommate and he is doing some pick up work for a guy he met out there when he did study abroad last year.
He can only stay 3 months without a work visa.
He said before he got on the plane "I have three months to find a wife."

Ok - back out to widen the driveway now.

trying to shovel a path for the 90lb FREE dog

when it hit 2 feet we made the first pass at clearing.

note that our fence is 4 feet tall.

we realized after the storm that we may need to clear more snow - unless the patio was to become her outhouse.

and so we made some paths with the snowthrower.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sorry... have I not been blogging?
That's because I spend all my free time shoveling snow.