Monday, September 24, 2012

Learning to use my inside voice

We love living down here by the marsh (my seafaring wife will say that we live by the ocean).
Living by any water does come with its compromises of course. Insects being one of them.

So in order to enjoy our outdoor space to its fullest - we added a screened porch to the back of house this past summer. Some of the best remodeling dollars we have spent so far. We live in this room.

When I last blogged about the screen porch we weren't quite finished.
We are now...

Patio is done, gardens are in and the driveway is paved.

grass filling in now in bare spots (fall is for SEEDING!)

The screen porch is attached to my creative wife's studio.
the glass studio

and offers easy access to the house.
mudroom up two steps
whats not to love?

Well... notice in the first photo the proximity of the house next door.
Helen lives there. We adore her.
She raised 7 children in that little cape. She is near 90 now and she is the most delightful person. Petite, always dressed impeccably. She still drives - but only to the grocery store and to church on Sundays.
With all the time we spend on the screen porch we do try to be respectful of dear Helen.

At least when I remember to.
There we were one Thursday evening (a school nite) entertaining a dear friend, couple (few) glasses of wine, lit some candles and started to banter and tell stories.
Funny (hilarious) stories.

Well, weese loves to tell a story.
Sometimes weese even gets a little ...animated..when telling a story.
Sometimes the excitement of said story causes weese to talk a little more LOUDLY than weese realizes.

Helen (the school teacher)- flashes her garage light. Just twice, quick.
Got it.
Inside voice please weese.

Not to worry tho - my clever little wife came up with a smashing idea...
(potterybrn - outdoor curtains. i hung them on galvanized pipe - they help deaden the sound)
 and our latest addition (thanks Ferris) for chilly mornings.
space heater - (center above back wall)

 Next update for this room is clear plastic panels to winterize. I'll add pics when I install them for the season.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

an epic tale

Have you ever seen one of those epic movies where they start out with some old dude or dame who spends the entire movie looking back on their lives. Recalling amazing stories, poignant moments and wild adventures. Forrest Gump or Water for Elephants are good examples.
Now perhaps you weren't a carny or didn't own a shrimp boat ... but take a moment to revel in your movie…
The ups the downs, the innocence, the wild days. Kids, parents, grandparents, neighbors - crazy neighbors. Holidays, vacations, long summer afternoons. The year there was too much snow. That time you locked yourself out ...and the crazy thing you did to get back in. Your first kiss. A random kiss. Getting a puppy. Realizing what a dumb idea that was. Gardening, swimming, painting, skydiving, tying your shoes, flying, flying in an airplane. Long drives with special people. Long drives with annoying people. Running out of gas. Siphoning. Your first car. Your first car accident. Your fourth car accident. Long luxurious Sunday mornings. That time you went to that huge concert and somehow ended up backstage with the band. Your hippie days. Your kids hippie days. Protesting, sitting-in, getting arrested. Cocktails on Christopher street. Climbing a tree, falling out. Falling in love.

Your life is epic.

wow. huh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've notice a dramatic increase in large spider webs this season.
I have a feeling this has some weather indications.

The last time I can recall this happening was in 2004.

I am planning to do some research this evening, and perhaps get the snow thrower tuned up.

Monday, September 17, 2012

...and just like that she's back

It's really almost as if I were never gone.
Technically... I wasn't.
Gone that is.

I've been right here.

Doing projects around the house.


Hanging out with my new pal.


Taking up some new hobbies.

oh and... walking to the beach
with my love.