Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Change is good.

I may need to change my ways.

My enlightened wife and I had a romantic sushi dinner this weekend and we spent some time sipping Sake and chatting about the next chapters in our lives.
We adore spending time plotting and planning, looking ahead. We change our minds often…but generally we have the same underlying desires.
One of those desires is to be good and caring stewards of the earth.

To do this – there may be some changes. Both long term and right now.

For the short term...
It’s pretty common knowledge I spend a good deal of time, money and effort on lawn care. I’ve done a lot of research, and have a good working knowledge of how to have a fine lawn. Our lawn is a work in progress. It’s a large plot and there are always areas to tend and improve. To manipulate nature to meet my needs I use a variety of chemical enhancements.
The results can be stunning.

But at what cost.

We saw a news story over the weekend on the disappearing bee problem plaguing beekeepers around the country. One theory, which is really quite logical, is that insecticides are playing a nasty role.
Which means I am part of the problem.

This is where I need to change.
This change will not come easy to me.
I have already asked my forgiving wife not to be too disappointed if at first I fail.
Perhaps sneaking out in the middle of the night to apply crabacide by flashlight, or justifying my chemical dependency on insecticides by saying --we’ll just use up what we have now.

My heart understands that what I am doing is wrong. But will I be able to stand strong when the dandelions turn to puff balls, or will I bend like a tree in the wind (note to wear goggles when spraying trees on a windy days).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

27 on 10/27/2007

Our little Peanut.

Can you really be 27?

May your birthday be covered in kitties.

Happy Happy Birthday!

Friday, October 26, 2007



You know how in bathroom sinks the drain is a little stopper, with the lever in between the faucets that you pull up to keep water in the sink...

Well did you know that stopper thing unscrews?
It does.
And you should.
Unscrew it and take it out every so often.
You'll see why.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let them eat cake!

Someone left the remnants of one of those humonguous sheet cakes in the kitchen at work today.
It's from BJ's.

I stared at it thinking how rarely I eat cake, or pastry or even cookies. Very rarely in fact.
So, if I were to have some cake - it certainly would not be a sheet cake from BJ's.
I want something spectacular.
A sliver of triple, chocolate, lacey something or another served on an expenisive, oversized plate with fanciful drizzles of fruity, syrupy swirls. A cake so rich that I would be forced to set down my fork before the plate was emtpy. A cake so supple that it slid across my tongue and melted ever so....

oops... sorry - I got carried away there.

But my point is this. Cake is not something anyone should be eating often. It's a treat. It should be rare, and it should be special.
So make it so.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ménage' toi

Tho the threesome is happening only in my head.
And it’s not hot and steamy.
It’s more like a bad game of Twister. There are three of us in here Vanity, Conscience and Sensibility. It’s like a weesey twist on Freud’s Id, Ego and Superego[1]. And while I consider Freud to be a genius, albeit a deranged genius… my three decided we needed our own definitions. Plus, we didn’t like all those freaky parental references.

What keeps usme from being committed is simply that often times we agree. We know our own strengths, and easily bend to the others area of authority. Sometimes we even work together in pairs.

Take for example getting dressed each morning. Vanity and Sensibility often work together on this to pick an outfit that is both attractive and suits the day’s activity. They are a good team. Let’s say I am feeling svelte one morning. Well then Sensibility will concede to any apparel decision Vanity may arrive at. But let’s just say I’ve had chocolate cake and beer all weekend - Vanity sits quietly while we select something a bit more blousy.
One can argue that in such a case Sensibility is really being vain in trying to cover up any weekend indiscretion in diet, so perhaps it’s not really all Sensibilities decision… and thus arguing may ensue. The decision usually stands, but someone needs to get credit.
Of course it doesn’t end there. What if something goes wrong? Such as when Vanity selects white shorts for a picnic and then there is a spill – well doncha know Conscience steps in to point the finger every time…

So here we are, we three – riding around on the tractor this weekend. And boy was there a raucous lawn discussion going on. Each had such a good point that we actually left it at a stand still and went inside to watch football instead.
Here is our dilemma. Vanity wants to fertilize. In fact, it was Vanities decision to get the fertilizer without the weed-killer so that we could over apply thus achieving a better greening effect.
Sensibility, on the other hand, wants to stop spending all this money on the lawn.
And Conscience knows that if we decided not to fertilize we may later regret this decision.
Conscience also knows there is a possibility of regretting the money spent as well. So you see – our tie breaker Conscience is not helping at all.

Which is why we decided to go in and watch football – where immediately Vanity wanted a beer and Conscience had to remind Vanity, yet again, about the repercussions of beer drinking on our diet… when Sensibility steps in and has the audacity to say she wants a piece of bread – BREAD the other two scream… you must be joking!

It’s a wonder I get anything done at all really.

[1] Id
In Psychoanalytical theory, the part of the personality which contains our primitive impulses such as sex, anger, and hunger. The id doesn't care about reality, about the needs of anyone else, only its own satisfaction.
The part of the personality which maintains a balance between our impulses (id) and our conscience (superego). The ego is based on the reality principle. The ego understands that other people have needs and desires and that sometimes being impulsive or selfish can hurt us in the long run.
The Superego is the moral part of us and develops due to the moral and ethical restraints placed on us by our caregivers. Many equate the superego with the conscience as it dictates our belief of right and wrong.

Saturday, October 20, 2007



If your clothes dryer is in your main living space or anywhere near an exterior door - when you empty your lint trap (which you are doing EVERY time you do a load) step just outside the door to clean it and then give it a good shake. This will keep loads of dust out of the house.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love NY

I don't really.
I am from Connecticut.
I love Connecticut.
I tolerate New York because it's, as my metropolitan wife calls it, the capital of the world.
Have you ever driven in Manhattan?
I have.
And I am not very good at it.

So here we are, entertaining a coupla Texans with a trip into Manhattan to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's a favorite stop for us. We were going to see a special exhibit The Age of Rembrandt. I love Rembrandt. Tho I like many other Dutch Masters as well. We also love the American Wing - those fabulous Hudson River School artists. This display of Dutch painters was organized by donor, rather than artist. It was a fascinating look into American art collectors.
But I digress.
So... we were sitting on Central Park West getting ready to make a left turn into The Park. Doncha just love a ride through the park in Autumn?
Well... I overshot the intersection ever so slightly, so when the light turned - there we were squarely in the crosswalk.
I can see I am in the cross walk.
I can see there are people who need to use the cross walk to cross the street.
I feel remorse.
But, this is New York. And it wouldn't be New York unless I was properly reprimanded.
My reprimand this day came from an attractive yuppyish woman pushing a stroller, her husband clearly in tow.
My windows are up, so she mouths to me with a scowl only a true New Yorker can pull off. "You're in the crosswalk."
She also gestured to the lines, which was helpful - because I am clearly an idiot.
Because I am from Connecticut I mouth to her that I am sorry and I realize where I am, and that it's not where I intended to be, and that if I could move I would, but in the case there really was no where else for me to go but to sit and wait patiently for the light to change while she yelled at me.
She rolled her eyes, and flagrantly made a wide arc around the front of my car.
I kept my foot firmly on the brake.
Because I am from Connecticut.

All in all I consider this light action. The last time I got yelled at in the Big Apple was from a very unhappy NYPD officer on foot in Times Square. He actually leaned into the car to yell loudly at me and was not going to let me go anywhere until he said his peace. I thought he was going to rip me out of the front seat, strip search me and take me to the local precinct.
I was driving a van at the time. The kids were in the back. Luckily they were wearing seatbelts. I think that's the only thing that kept me from being tossed into the slammer. After the fear wore away - they were rather amused. Me, not so much.

Ah well, there's always Metro North.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FREE dog

That's not the title of the post - its a classified.
Do you want a FREE dog? Really. FREE. I will even drive her over.

free to a good home

Or...perhaps if you just call her out the back door she will show up.
That's because she has pretty much rendered the fence useless.
She has somehow figured out how to bend the chain link fence up to create a hole big enough to fit through.

Her first attempt was futile - because there was a wood pile on the other side.

I smart can she really be if she didn't think that through - so I wasn't worried.
Of course now I realize this was probably just a test hole.

The next time she did it, I thought perhaps the fence had already been loose in that area. So I just grabbed a chain from the garage to fix it temporarily.

Then she did it again.

Now understand that the fence is attached to a 2 inch bottom rail with thick metal twist tie things. They are wrapped around tightly and then twisted several times.
I am trying to figure out how she is getting those off. I have these images of her out there at night in the deep dark of the back yard, working on them one at a time. Every so often glancing up furtively at the house to see if we are watching. Kind of like a well planned prison break. Then, of course, during the day when we are all out in the backyard together she completely ignores the fence so as not to draw attention to her work... clever that one.

This time I used some bungee cords and rope.
I knew this fix was temporary and that it was time to call in professional help.
Yes, I really thought it would hold... at least for a week.
Silly weese.
Here is what happened on Saturday.

My clever and exasperated wife shored up this hole with some garden fencing we had laying around.

So now we have wire, rope, bungees, chains, and cables keeping the fence together.
And FREE dog has to be monitored during her time out in the yard.

The fence guy came by on Sunday. He says he's never seen anything like this.
He stared, and shook his head, and asked several times what type of dog she was.
He'll be back this week to repair and replace large parts of the fence.

Tho I am just about ready to open the gate and call it a day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank you

I am using this public forum to acknowledge all the various people involved in my very happy, fun filled birthday weekend.
To all those virtual and non virtual particpants - thank you.
You have made this weese feel very warm and fuzzy and loved.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

there is a time

Autumn is a busy time. The leaves are turning and falling. The birds are gathering in great numbers to make their trek south. And weese begins to ponder and pontificate about the universe and the changing of the seasons and the great joy that the peace of the winter months can bring...

The days are getting shorter and darker. This frightens and upsets many people. The darkness feels as if it’s encroaching on their energy, stifling their joy.

I think, rather, we should look forward to this time of year. It’s a time for healing, of inner rebuilding, of rest. Winter is a necessary time -- juxtaposed to the banter and frivolity of the warm summer months with those long, endless days, and hot, festive evenings -- sometimes enhanced by pink fruity cocktails.

As the days shorten, let the darkening afternoons snuggle you into the sanctuary of your home. Think of the darkness as a warm blanket.
Let it be an excuse to sit and reflect and rest.
And while you are sitting and reflecting and resting - don't become sad or maudlin.
Remember to rejoice in the place you call home. If you cannot - then fix that first.
Your home must be the place you feel best. Fall is a good time to put that in order.
Set your house right, and let the winter happen.
Remember that spring feels so good because of winter.

But hey… before you go sitting down and putting your feet up – remember there’s a whole lot of fall maintenance to do... more on that later.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Well... yes, cutting the nails was amazing -- but really I referring to the wedding.

Ok, so did you want some pictures of the wedding? Yeah -- me too.
I actually brought two cameras - and never really touched either one.
So I'll have to wait until someone else posts some somewhere.

For now - we just cracked open our first 'hair of the dog'.
More on that later...

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Thanks for all the great nail tips... tho after tomorrow I won't need them.
Seriously...these things have to come off.

Despite the fact that I can't pick things up, button my own buttons, or type anymore... we've been busy with wedding preparations this week.

Today was the rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is the wedding! (which basically means two more days till I can cut my nails... oo am I dwelling a bit).

In the meantime - here's a quick tip-o-day ...

If you're using clear glass vases for your table center pieces - be sure to wash them thoroughly before filling. To get them spot free, wash in super hot water. Thick dish washing gloves are a must for this task.

I love these blue ones. They are thick enough so I can use dishwater over 200°.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Femme Fatale

Ladies, ladies, ladies...
how do you do it?

The Sister-In-Law is marrying The Brother-In-Law this Sunday. We are all very excited.
So as part of my wedding accoutrement (yes.. blatent over use of one of my favorite words) I have been growing my nails. The will look FABulous with my outfit. I am wearing black and silver... it's Tahari... I am having my hair cut on Thursday, eyebrows done Friday... wait till you see the shoes.
I am so down with that whole butch-femme thing.

But Oh. MY. Goodness... the nails are making me INsane.

First, there is the maintenance. I have been keeping them polished - because it keeps them strong and frankly at this length I think it looks better.
The time commitment for painting nails is ridiculous. We can put a man on the moon but it takes HOW long for nail polish to dry(flawlessly)? At least when I am painting ...say the garage doors... I can go do something else while I wait for the paint to dry.
But this... THIS requires I do absolutely nothing for the entire dry time. One slip-up and the entire finish is ruined. Do you have any idea how impossible it is to keep weese still for any more than 10 minutes? I have a very short attention span.

Ok so there's that...

Then you have to deal with them just being there. Typing becomes a chore, the remote control takes concentration, and dialing my cell phone is simply silly to watch. Not to mention trying to use hand tools or even just chores around the house.

My Monday morning... a nice tall mimosa, perhaps a breakfast scone, and the nail clippers.

my walk

I walked at lunch today. It’s part of the new diet regimen.
I find it pleasant enough – it breaks up the day, and it’s not as involved as say… going to the gym.
Which I abhor.
It’s not that I don’t like to work hard. I would just prefer there to be a result of my hard work. O sure…weight loss, fitness, energy, blah blah – but I’d rather something a bit more tangible. Like say … I work really hard for a couple hours a day for a week or so and WALA there’s an addition on the house.
Or… I spend ½ hour in the morning and 20 minutes each afternoon and BINGO I’ve got a patio with outdoor grilling station – you see my point.

But the walking is fine.
I walked alone today – because my walking pal, J9, is a slacker (lets see if that gets her to comment). Since I was alone I had plenty of time with my own thoughts.
So I was walking along deep in thought weighing my options for the lawns fall feeding schedule when I noticed that most of the people walking alone had ipod-ish type things. (I almost typed ‘walkman’ ha!).

I pondered this.

Why do people listen to music as they walk? Does the beat motivate them? Do they change their pace when different songs come on? What type of music do they listen to? Do they silently sing along? Does it help to pass the time? I wondered if some people do it because they are uncomfortable doing things alone. I wondered if certain songs conjured memories… were they reminiscing as they walked. Did some songs make them sad… or happy? Some folks had ear buds, others had headphones – this made me think of the shape of my ears. I happen to have very large ears... well really its the lobes. Then I wondered which earrings I was wearing because I had forgotten. For a short time I played a little game where I tried to figure out which ones were in my ears without reaching up to find out. Then I saw a guy with a hat and wondered if he would have hat head by the time he got back to the office. I ended up behind a woman wearing her Ipod in one of those sporty armbands. I wondered if she had gotten it as a gift. Maybe on a holiday, maybe it was her birthday. Maybe they had cake that day. Cake has flour…and sugar – both of which are not on my diet. The walking is on my diet tho. Which is where this all started about ½ an hour ago. That's when I saw my reflection in the glass door to my office building and noticed which earrings I was wearing...

So…while someone singing sweetly in my ears for my ½ hour walk would be lovely –
I am thoroughly entertained by the tangents of my own thoughts.

I am glad I left my Ipod in the car.