Friday, December 22, 2006


I thought of telling you the wonders of parchment paper for all of your holiday baking needs – but I have other, more pressing, thoughts today.

The holidays can be a stressful time.
Ah, the dichotomy of December. A time… as advertised, so full of joy and gaiety.
A time when so many people fall prey to the pressure of the season.

Shopping for that perfect gift, feeling tense about cash flow, running your credit cards up and credit score down, organizing family gatherings, even holiday baking can all be sticks on your camel’s back.
While each situation has a solution or at least some relief…the time is late for that now. The holiday is upon us, emotions are mounting.

So let me say this to you instead, my dear bloggy friends.
Please take a moment over this week or weekend… take a moment away from your holiday – be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza or even a New Years celebration – a moment away from loved ones, from the kitchen, from the mall.

Don’t tell me you don’t have a moment. You do. It’s just a moment.

The season is about giving – so give yourself a moment
Do what you want with that moment. I know my spiritual wife would choose Reiki…
You could light a candle, sit quietly in the dark, take a bath, take a walk, pleasure yourself… whatever works for you.
Find a smattering of joy.
Joy is like a rolling snowball – it grows once it gets going.
Joy is also contagious.

The holiday is and has always been –in our hearts. And believe me; I know everything around you is fighting against that. But there is joy. Sometimes you need to look for it.

When Aunt Mabel is yet again bitching about your housekeeping or your Uncle Simon is criticizing your child rearing… avert your gaze, you may instead see your nephew hugging your dog, or perhaps your teenager sneaking some nog – see… there is joy everywhere.
Look for it.
Be blessed by it.
And remember – while a dry roast for Christmas dinner can be problematic, its nothing that an extra bottle of champagne won’t fix.

So your Holiday Friday tip-o-day is to get to the liquor store early and stock up.

From my festive wife and I
We wish you a most Happy Holiday.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Remarkably, I still have this pesky cold.

I decided this morning to get right back on my cold medication.
The gel caps I took this morning were a gorgeous azure blue.

Now my runny nose has stopped, my nasal passages are clear and I am breathing smoothly. Not to mention the FABulous buzz I have.
I just love Guiafenisen. It not only makes me peppy - but I won't need food for several hours.

I also thought you might like to know - I am wearing a Santa hat.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I do so love to sing

Our church organizes groups to go out Caroling the week before Christmas – it’s really a wonderful small town tradition.

They always make a point to visit our neighbor, Marie. We have been living next door to Marie for all of the 19 years we’ve been here. In fact, Marie’s parents built our house which was one of the original farm houses on our street. She tells stories of walking the cows up our road to the high pasture. Our road… now with its double yellow line was a dirt road back then.
She and her husband eventually built the house next door for themselves, and she has lived on this street her entire life.

This year the happy Carolers knocked on our door to see if we might want to join them for a carol or two over at Marie’s house.
Since I was drunk… and wearing antlers at the time – I was more than happy to join in.

Tis’ the season folks.

Friday, December 15, 2006



If you have a cold - don't waste time on any other tissue - get Puffs with Lotion right from the start.

...and for a good nights sleep, take 3-4 Michelobs followed by 2 Nyquil.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Taking one for the team

I am sick today.
I have a headcold, runny nose, stuffy achy thing... you know.

But I am here at work.
I came in today because there is a late luncheon followed by a happy hour for the Director of our department who is leaving the company. Far be it for me to miss free food and drink over a silly little cold.
When I emailed my concerned wife earlier this morning, I told her I was trying to decide whether or not to take cold medication to help me get through the day.
Her response:
"Four out of five doctors recommend Robitussin to enhance the therapeutic effect of Michelob lite."

Can you see why I love this woman. :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Too many problems

There are too many blogger or blogger beta problems today to even bother to post.

Maybe later.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Are you tired?

Because I am.
The odd thing is ...everyone I talk to today is tired.
What is up with that?

Monday, December 11, 2006

cut your own

As is common in New England, we cut our own Christmas tree.

(the finger is Ferris' way of showing endearment.)

I guard a candidate from other eager families as a reconnaissance team is sent out to scope other possiblities

The final selection.

The cut is complete.

Our men carry the tree.

Friday, December 08, 2006



Today are our company holiday parties.

What I mean by that is my technical wife and I work for different companies and both parties are today.

Hers will be a luncheon, for employees only. Most likely with an amazing array of tasty delicasies. She works at a company where cooking and food preparation are a big part of some of the products they produce (there... that should be vague enough). Even their daily lunches in the company cafeteria are prepared by only the best of chefs. Their lunch menu reads like a 5 star restaurant. I would wager there will be a lovely selection of well aged wine as well. It's sure to be a exquisite event.
My company party is an evening dinner event held at a Country Club. The food will be of the so-so wedding catered variety. There will be a DJ and an open bar, and many will be dressed to the nines.

Today's tip (which is really for me) is to find that fine line between getting the most of the open bar, and remembering that it's a company sponsored event.
And since my wine-swilling wife will have a head start - should make for interesting dinner conversation with my boss.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Scary scary night

What a night.

Even tho we would be installing our new counters ourselves we decided a few days ago to have the plumbing done professionally. Sometimes that's just smarter.

That left us with simply installing the new counters on the base cabinets and tiling the backsplash... piece of cake for us - oh well... then there was the sink hole.
We would need to cut this ourselves into the beautiful new pristine counter.
Since the plumber was schedule to arrive first thing this morning to set the sink, we needed to finish our part last night.

Cutting the sink hole into our new formica counter seemed to be the scariest job we have taken on yet. And there is not much we don't take on. I suppose it was so scary because there is no room for error. A mistake means replacing the entire run.

No pressure.

Ah but, my patient wife and I are a crack remodling team. At each tenuous step we stopped - knocked back a shot...o -- no wait - that was at the end...

We literally put down the pencils and saws at every juncture to discuss various methods of execution. Gently tossing an idea around long enough to uncover possible failure points and adjust as necessary. If it weren't for these break points, the project could have easily ended in disaster.
After hours of such discussions, several erased pencil lines, some head scratching and a couple of snacks - we cut a successful sink hole!

Pics coming soon.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blame it on the 80's

We have green kitchen counters.

And no one to blame but ourselves. We picked these out.
But hey… it was the 80’s.
When we did this back in the 80’s we actually liked them.

See this faucet?

I bought this about two years ago because our old one was leaking and after replacing washers and cartridges I could not get it to stop.
I told my skeptical wife that I would buy the cheapest faucet I could find at Home Depot, because it was temporary. Well …that was two years ago. I suppose it depends on your definition of temporary.

The sink is chipped and irreversibly stained. I think it was the original with the house. When we had the hideous green counters installed we saved money by putting the old sink right back in.
Hey…have I mentioned it was the 80’s. Plus it was our first remodel and we were stupid - or quite possibly high.

Well it ain’t the 80’s anymore – time for a change. Its actually been time for a change for quite some time. We started picking out counter surfaces and colors about two years ago (around the time of my temporary faucet installation).
It's taken us this long to make our final selections.
We selected a material and the color, made careful measurements (including scale drawings of course), and finally ordered the counters.
They were delivered this past weekend.

New counters are currently being installed… by us.
Pictures to follow.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Ferris has been ill.
He came home from school over Thanksgiving break in rough shape.
After some misdiagnosis - we finally found he had Mono and Strep.
Needless to say he has not been moving around much.

He came home again this past weekend with severly swollen tonsils and in a good bit of pain.
So they started him on Prednisone.
When he is not completly zonked in his room, you can find him on the sofa watching HiDef, his laptop resting on his chest, various drinks and snacks within arms reach on the coffee table.
Saturday morning he was in just this position, dozing occasionally, when we pulled in the driveway in my rugged wife's new-to-her Wrangler.

He rose like Lazarus, dressed himself, got behind the wheel ...we didn't see him for the rest of the afternoon.

A true Christmas miracle.