Friday, February 27, 2009

gone fishin'

Actually, I despise fishing.

No really ...the whole thing.

You would think that I might like the whole lawn chair and the edge of the lake thing - but no.
Let's discuss.
First, I despise bait. Could be worms, could be that fake stuff - no matter. I don't like it.

Next, I have an irrational fear of fish hooks.
I do.
I am certain they will flail about and get hooked into me somehow - most likely in my eye.

Finally - I do not enjoy sitting in the woods. I do not like insects, dirt, animals, and the close proximity of untamed foliage.

Hold back the nature please.

I much prefer having a refreshing cocktail right here on my civilized patio ...which is technically outside... but with easy access to our modern indoor plumbing.

So no, I am not currently fishing.

I am a little distracted tho.
So posting will be sporadic at best.
Is anyone out there?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

on the road...

I am on the road peeps.
Still trying to get the new work laptop to behave - so no posting for now.


Friday, February 13, 2009



Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
I believe Valentines Day was invented by Hallmark.
Aren't they clever.

But far be it for me to pass up an excuse to have chocolate, and possibly some bubbly.

So my tip for you today is - go buy some chocolate and bubbly.
Share these with someone.
Anyone will do.

Monday, February 09, 2009

back in the saddle

Now that's what a first day is supposed to be like.

There were meetings, and conference calls, and some paper work. Introductions, and tours. And of course some requisite down times - you know, where there is really not alot you can be doing and the folks who need to be showing you what to do really need to get some of their own work done. Those times were you read through the intranet site or the employee handbook.

The people are friendly, the environment is tidy and corporate - just the way weese likes her environments.

My new company makes a product... an actual product... you can hold in your hand and buy at a store. This is very unique for me as I have always worked for software companies. Today I met people who had been with this company for over 30 years. I have never worked for a company that's even been around for that long. What is really exciting is later this week I get to spend a day on a delivery truck, to get to understand that side of the business.
I am so excited.
I wonder if they'll let me wear a uniform. :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009



I got this handy tip from a very helpful woman during my unemployment hearing.

Since over 7% of everyone is currently out of work -- filing your online continued claim form on Sundays has gotten a bit bogged down. So for a quick convenient filing - why not watch a good movie on Saturday night, get a bowl of popcorn and a cup of tea and settle in around 10:00 or 10:30 for your show. When your movie ends after midnight, logon and file. Whala!
Or ... watch a movie Sunday night and file just before midnight.

Tho for me, this will be my last Sunday filing.
I am back to work on Monday at a new job!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

be careful what you wish for

Ok... who is the wise guy out there wishing for more snow.

Knock it off.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Yesterday was our monthaversary.

There has been a little bag of ice sitting out on the back stoop ever since our wedding night. It's been pretty cold up here.

Just yesterday it melted.

Guess the honeymoon is over.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Another FREE cat?

It was at least three days that we can remember hearing the meowing every time we ventured outside. These outside trips were brief because of the bitter cold. We might run out to the wood pile to replenish our supply - or perhaps a jaunt out to fetch the mail. We both heard the meowing. It seemed strange - but we thought perhaps someone close by got a new cat that was meowing to be let in.

Finally, one morning while I was making several trips to the curb for our towns annual dump pickup (one of my favorite town activities) I kept hearing the meowing over and over. So I stopped, tilted my ear toward the sound and waited.
There... there it was again.

I scanned the cold snowy lawns and stoops... but then ...wait - there it was again - the sound was high, not on the ground, and I finally spotted him way up in a tree. Luckily his black coat stood out against the grayness of the winter day.

The tree was in our neighbors yard, and very close to the next house up the street. I was surprised that no one had heard him after all these days. I immediately called Animal Control. That's what they do...right? They get cats out of trees.
I waited and waited for a call back from the officer.
But the phone didn't ring.

All the while I was keeping my working wife informed with email updates - you know, cuz at least someone here has a job.
She suggested I go over with a bowl of food. I was skeptical.
But decided to give it a go.

As I approached the tree the cat became very excited. By moving around the tree with the plate of food I was able to coax him down in the right direction. He tumbled a bit but hit the ground safely and then practically lept into my arms. After he ate the plate of food ravenously, he allowed me to pick him up. He was just skin and bones. Clearly I had to bring him home to feed him more.

He seemed to prefer not to be carried but followed me home like a puppy. When I opened the door he walked in with no hesitation, like he lived there all his life and was finally home.
I put down another plate of food and still he ate ravenously.

He met the FREE dog. There was some hissing. Tho she was extremely well behaved and courteous around our guest.
My eager wife came home. The cat LOVED her instantly.
And so we spent the evening making him comfortable and warm and safe. Sure that he had spent at least 3 if not 4 nights in a tree when the temps were hovering around 10°.

Or should I say he spent the evening making himself comfortable... me still in my painting clothes - tho I didn't get much painting done this day.

Everything was going swimmingly - until of course my asthmatic wife couldn't breath. Not to mention the fact that Ferris is also allergic.
We knew from the start that no matter how much the cat settled in - we needed to find him another home.

So I called every vet in town and all the rescue places asking if anyone was missing a very cuddly black cat.
I posted signs around the neighborhood. Then we settled the cat into a nice bed in the basement - so we could get some dander reprieve.
What to do ...what to do?

That's when I got an email. From a blogger. A blogger who said she and her family wanted a cat!!

We made arrangements, I loaded the little guy into a carrier and off we went.
Perhaps it was the carrier, perhaps it was the hot sun, maybe not being able to see out the windows... but my little friend lost everything he'd eaten that day.
In the carrier.
I had no paper towels.

We pulled over to clean up - I sacrificed a scarf from the glove box and a map of Orange County. The cat waited until I had most of the mess cleaned up then came out of the carrier and got quietly into the backseat where he rode the rest of the way, happily watching the world go by.
We got to his new home and he jumped out of the car with me, and walked into their house just like it was his own.

I hear he is doing just fine. He now has a cat friend, more dog friends and kids to play with. Surely a rich and loving environment.

Doncha just love happy endings.