Friday, June 30, 2006



I love bleach.
Are you surprised?

I actually use very little of it in the laundry. But oh my many other uses.

Today's bleachy goodness is one of the many outdoor uses for bleach.
Do you have cement steps? We do… off the mudroom door. These are the steps used by muddy garden feet, muddy dog feet, and other generally filthy types of feet.
Cement steps such as these can begin to look stained and dingy.
There is no worry that these stains will be tracked into the house - as they are engrained in the porousness of the cement. Of course that logic never stopped me from cleaning something.
To brighten them up, mix the standard 1 to 3 ratio of bleach to water in a bucket. Using a scrub brush (I have one on a long handle so there is no bending) just scrub the solution lightly onto the surface and sides. Leave it sit for 15 minutes or so and then rinse.
If you have plantings and/or grass surrounding your steps, be sure to water them first and then a good rinse after to dilute the washed off bleach.

Note: I prefer Clorox bleach. I have not had good luck with off-brands on my whites.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Can you hear this?

Someone told me yesterday that kids are downloading a new ringtone that adults can't hear. Oh sure, this may be old news to you...but rememeber, I stopped reading the news over a year ago. (Hello, my name is weese, and I am a former news junkie)

Anyway, being the rational and extremely intelligent person that I am - I immediately scoffed...

So - take a moment and listed to this.

Did you hear anything? How old are you?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My people

Now that the hangover has subsided… a couple of words about Pride.
What an amazing thing – so many people, from so many places. This was not only my first Pride but also my first time wandering around Greenwich Village. I loved it. It’s a fascinating little neighborhood and you can just feel the history of the place. It has amazing energy. So did the parade. The energy was great. I felt at home.
This is one reason why my wife and I love Ptown so much. It’s that feeling of being home. Its funny how I can feel so connected to all these gay people that I don’t know who are all so very different – butch, femme, dykes on bikes, drag queens, flames, transgenders, short or thin or rich or poor… edgy and conservative. These are all my people. I love these people.
I loved being a part of this thing.

Monday, June 26, 2006

NYC Pride 2006

I have lived within an hour’s drive of New York City for 44 years.
I have been ‘out’ for the last 26 years.
My fun wife and I have been together for 21 years.
Neither of us had ever been to NYC Pride.
I highly recommend it – tho don’t wait as long as we did.

Friday, June 23, 2006


My grandmother taught me to keep all the windows and blinds in the front of the house at the same level (include side windows if they are seen easily from the street with the front ones).
Makes for a tidy appearance.
It helps if window dresssings across the front of the house are of the same type. If you have teens who balk at having their shades up... like ours - simply move them to the back of the house - or perhaps have them live with relatives.

I also don't allow fans or window air conditioners in any of our front windows.
Really - I would rather be hot.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Its over

Because you should have something special to wear to graduation.

(in case you need garment background...go here and here and where it all started)

and here he is...

His IM away message yesterday:
"After today, i won't see 95 percent of you again, for the rest of my life."

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Class of '06

Look what we did this morning...

and last night we did this:

We have one more trick up our sleeves...

quick afternoon update
what do you get when you mix prednisone (see yesterday's post) with graduation day.
oy vay
I am a weepy whirling dervish...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

12:00 Dr. appointment...

No time for posting today...I have to go to the doctor.
I have …what I think is... the strangest case of poison ivy.
The weirdest part of it is that it doesn’t itch.
Not that I am complaining about that.

Last night I said to my patient wife
“Look, I think this thing on my leg is getting better.”
Without missing a beat,
“You’re going.”

Later... that same day

welp. My Dr. is somewhat stumped - the best guess is that I have multiple things going on.
Therefore - we treat with:
and a tetanus shot to boot.

(My adorable wife is nodding knowingly right now)

I love my doctor. She can give a shot or take blood and you would never know it. I didn't even feel my tetanus shot.
She chuckled when I said,
weese: "You're good! I didn't even feel that."
doc: "You will later."

On the way out she told me not to drink while on the Prednisone. So I told her she needed to get me off of it by Sunday - cuz we're going to Pride and startin' the day out with mimosas.
I love to make her laugh.
The doctor - patient relationship is one of give and take.

Monday, June 19, 2006


My green-thumbed wife's roses are doing exceptionally well this year.

Friday, June 16, 2006



Keep a box of vinyl or latex gloves in your kitchen pantry (I buy the box of 100).
Then they will be close at hand when you are cutting up chicken. Believe me... wear them when you are cutting up chicken - I had to make a trip to the ER because salmonella (most likely) had gotten into a small open cut on my hand.

My clever wife uses them when chopping up jalapeno’s, then no worries when you wipe your eyes and face sometime later.
I keep some in my workshop as well and don the whenever I am going to use a caustic material (you know, such as pesticides, herbicides perhaps paint or thinner... maybe some arsenic).

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Love the Cabrio

I thought the forecast was for rain today - but when I went out at lunch to run errands it was sunny and beautiful.
Of course I put the top down.
Too bad I didn't know they were installing the automatic sprinklers today. They've got all the sprinkler heads in and working, I suppose the next step is to work on direction.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Off Road

Would you people who drive those jagumbo SUV’s please realize how ridiculous you look when you creep over bumpy spots in the road like your sitting behind the wheel of a Vette.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A woman at the bank

I went to the ATM… to take out cash – because Ferri$ runs on AAA batteries and twenty dollar bills.

An old woman was ahead of me. She was quite old, tiny, somewhat frail even.
As she tried to use the ATM she was clearly confused. Not sure how to put her card in… or what the buttons meant. As I considered helping her (banking is a very personal thing…I was aware that I might be intruding…or even frightening if I offered to assist with her banking), a woman behind me sighed heavily and went to her side.
She snatched the card from her and spoke cruelly “Just put it in THIS way! Then enter your number”, then almost shrilly “Your PIN, you MUST know your PIN!”
This younger woman (well…my age – not young) was clearly agitated. I assumed from the resemblance they were mother and daughter. Clearly they had some relationship.

The old woman continued to attempt to use the machine, asking questions as she went. She was not cross all. She was simply confused, and probably overwhelmed.

When the other ATM machine freed up, I motioned to the younger woman “Please, go right ahead.” Again the heavy sigh… “Thanks but, I am going to be here a long time.” The disdain and meanness in her voice cut through me.

I can’t remember all her words but she continued to berate this small elderly woman, as I processed my transactions.

I try to always remember that there are facts I am not privy too. This is very important to me. This helps me to not be judgmental. This is why I have no road rage for example. If someone cuts me off – I realize that I don’t know their circumstances. Perhaps their child is hurt and they are in a rush, perhaps their dog got out of the fence and they need to get home quickly, perhaps they are in the middle of a divorce and just not thinking. How can I judge them without knowing all the facts?

Of course, that’s easier to do when you are in a car.
But standing right there – in the energy… this was hard.

Clearly this relationship had years of history which I knew nothing about. Perhaps this tiny gray woman was mean to her daughter, perhaps she abandoned her, geez she could have even beat her.

I didn’t know the facts.
But the truth of it was… I doubted it.
And the way this woman treated her mother – broke my heart.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The post in which I talk about my hair

let me just say first...that there are several people who, after reading this, will line up to shave my head. My scissored wife will be at the front of that line.

I used to wear my hair short.
Very short.

I wore my hair this way for ... a long time.

Then suddenly I started have a 'hair identity crisis'. I really can't put my finger on what started it - but the buzz started to feel a little too... perhaps… 'butch-cliché'.
This may be part of my mid-life crisis... but really I thought that’s what the convertible was all about.

I did this once before-- a couple years back… grew my hair out, although that was more for a change of pace than a crisis. I had a goal, and that was to grow it long enough to pull back. I was patient for close to two years. Well perhaps patient is not the right word… it was a pain staking two years. And, once I reached my lofty goal, I found that I really disliked having long hair. It was always in my face - it was a hassle to sleep at night - I was really only content with it pulled back, which basically looked like I had short hair anyway, so why all the fuss. Plus, I found out - I shed like a Labrador.
As soon as I reached the goal - off it came. Whew.

So why… why do I take this torturous path again. I don’t really know. And this is the real problem.
It’s that I don’t really know.

And so I review the Pros and Cons:

Buzz cut ‘Pros’

Easy to wash – saves on shampoo
No other maintenance necessary
Can wear hats without getting hat-head (love hats)
Does not require product (dislike product)
Requires frequent trims (a ‘pro’ for me as I love it when my sultry wife cuts my hair ;))

Buzz cut ‘Cons’

Mid-life lesbian identity crisis
Requires frequent trims (I can be relentless when I want a trim)
Can be mistaken for a teenage boy… albeit with gray hair and wrinkles

The Daughter, the therapist, is helping me work through my identity issues -- she has plans for my next style – which I am currently ‘growing into’ (she also has suggested I wear a barrett... she is so cute).
I am told it will be another couple months until I have the length to pull it off.
Anyone care to wager on whether I make it or not?

technical difficulties

trying to post
blogger sucks today
please wait

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Personal Time Off.
PTO is to be used for scheduled vacation as well as unplanned illnesses.
How much does it suck when its both.
I scheduled Monday and Tuesday off as PTO, conveniently getting an unscheduled illness.

Friday, June 02, 2006



In keeping with my theme from yesterday - today's tip is simply:


I realize that I have used entirely too many paper towels today. I really need to get that in check. The more paper towels I use, the more paper towels they will have to make, if they have to make more paper towles for me the more trees they will need to cut down, if they have to cut down more trees to make more paper towels for me, the more water will be used to process the trees that were cut down to make the paper towels which I am overusing.