Monday, April 01, 2013

gone viral

Did you get a flu shot?
I didn't.
I am one of those people who says...'Baahh, I've never had the flu.'
That only works for so long.

Tho - no one told me that I actually ever had 'The Flu'.

What they said was 'viral infection'. A seemingly random virus.
A virus gone rampant. Gone viral.

So viral in fact that after being amazingly sick for 7 days - I landed in the ER.
So viral in fact that the ER couldn't even 'treat and street' me.
So viral in fact that I really should have stayed that extra day in my comfortable 7th floor hospital room.
12 days of hell.
Today, over 30 days later, I am still recovering.

Next year, I will get a flu shot. Maybe two.
And perhaps not leave the house from Nov - April.