Saturday, July 30, 2005


What could be a better way to celebrate 20 years together than a full week in 'Town'.

We are leaving bright and early Monday morning, just after mimosa's.
We should be on the beach by 11:00 a.m.

If you'll be in Town, look for us at Herring Cove... don't worry, we'll be easy to find.

Friday, July 29, 2005


How ‘bout some packing tips today.
- Roll your pants rather than fold them, they will come out wrinkle and crease free.

- And don’t waste precious time trying to decide which pair of shoes to bring – bring them all.

You know… if you do any research on traveling and vacationing… there is this school of thought that you should take as little with you as possible. Less bags, less to carry. Economize your trip. Take clothes that will all work with each other so you can get many outfits out of just a few items. Stick to neutral colors so that one blouse works with slacks, skirts and shorts…
That’s just RIDICULOUS. You are on vacation – you need to look svelte and athletic at the beach**, perky and coordinated for mid-afternoon cocktails and then stunning by dinner.
You don’t know what the weather will be, you don’t know what you will feel like, you don’t know what will look ‘right’ that day…sheesh sometimes I don’t even know what size I will be from one day to the next.
C’mon – suitcases are on wheels these days – take it all.

**please note that by svelte and athletic I am referring to wearing black…cuz its slimming, and carrying a Frisbee.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I drove Ferris to the airport yesterday. He is off to visit with his Dad in that ridiculously big state of Texas. While sitting in the terminal I saw an airport security person roll by on one of those Segway things…you know those silly contraptions that you stand on and it transports you around by a slight shift of your weight.
I got to thinking of the irony of this. Here is a guy – who up until recently had a fairly active job… on his feet all day, walking here and there around the airport, probably needing to move quickly and nimbly from one location to another. Now… he is going to have to go spend time at the gym making up for the fact that he gets no exercise in his work.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

20 years is a long time

I fill with pride when I tell people that my wife and I have been together for 20 years.
What does it mean to be together for 20 years?
I suppose it means we covered our bases. Picking the right person is key, then committing to that person – and not wavering or giving up just because it’s not always easy or perfect. I joke with my wife when she points out one of my not so positive qualities… ‘Well, you picked me.’
(See how I deflect, aren’t I clever. Being clever also helps you last 20 years.)
Add to that… my wife is patient, kind, intelligent and damned sexy.

But here is something that I don’t like. That being together for 20 years somehow validates our relationship-- because we are …homosexuals (please pronounce this with a lilt in your voice and a slight lisp: hwomo-sec-tual).
‘Oh, yes..well they have been together for 20 years. See, those gay people really can be committed and in life long relationships…huh.'

So, what is the amount of time a gay couple needs to be together to validate their relationship? And I wonder… will Civil Unions make a difference. Will we appear to be more committed then. Will our relationships then be taken seriously after a month, after a year.

So, while I am blessed and thrilled and so happily celebrating my 20th year with my soulmate. I would like to raise my glass to other gays and lesbians who are just starting their journey together, or to those who have been together for some time and are struggling through a lull…together.
May you get to 20 and may it not be a tribute to gay people…but a tribute to you and your love.

Also (mostly for my wife, because she looks every week to see if any gay couples are included) I hope that by the time we reach our fiftieth our local paper will be ready to post our picture on the page with all the other old wrinkly couples celebrating their long lives together.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


We don’t have matchbooks with our names printed on them in fancy, scrolly writing, we don’t have a photo album on the coffee table, there are no dated cocktail napkins, there is no documentation or legal paper to prove it – but today is the day.
It’s a day we chose.
It’s a day we cherish.
It’s a day we celebrate.

How many years has it been my love, a million …one?

My love, my friend, my pal, my soul mate – Happy Anniversary.

Monday, July 25, 2005


I could not login to blogger on Friday - so ... you get your tip today.
Buck up and get over it...

To remove candle wax from your carpets - put the iron on a low setting, place a paper towel over the wax and gently iron up the wax. Keep changing the paper towel until all the wax is absorbed. (remember to use a low setting - some carpets with synthetic fibers can be damaged by high heat).
(this tip brought to you by 'the daughter' who, as a teenager, learned this tip out of necessity. We used to call her 'pyro'.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


i am being vewy vewy qwiet...



consider this
your only warning.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Can you feel the heat?
It's hot and humid. Serious humid.
The local news channels are warning about air quality today ... I suppose the air is to thick to actually breathe or something. Perhaps you need to chew it before swallowing.
But that won't stop my determined wife and I from going on our evening walk. Last evening we were alone on the trail. Buncha wimps. The way I figure it is... not only are we getting our usual walking exercise but the thick air adds a 'resistance' factor. Not unlike aquasize.
Temp: 86°F, feels like 91°F
UV Index: 8 Very High
Wind: From SW at 9 mph
Humidity: 72%
Pressure: 29.94 in.
Dew Point: 75°F
Visibility: 5.0 miles

The federal Environmental Protection Agency says air quality in Connecticut, Rhode Island and southwestern Massachusetts will be unhealthy.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I saw a squirrel get hit on the road this morning on my way into work.
It happened right in front of me - it seemed to happen in slow motion. The car never slowed - I suppose most people don't for something so lowly as a squirrel. How indifferent we have become. This is one of many things that bothers me about this world.
I was far enough back to see clearly under the car, the squirrel rolled and flipped under there as the car passed over. I slowed while the squirrel recovered enough to limp off the road where he** rested on the edge of the curb. I came to a slow stop, all I could see for sure was his back leg was badly injured. I stupidly wanted to go to him. I knew that was pointless. I knew if I approached he would be forced to try to run away - and clearly he needed to rest. And even if he didn't - then what. Put him out of his misery? Take him home to care for him? I continued my drive in to the office. I wondered whether he would live. I wondered whether another squirrel would comfort him. I was shaken... and sad.
I am not indifferent to this small rodent. He mattered to me. I hope that my caring energy can help him in some small way.

**(he) I decided the squirrel was male instantly, and only later determined this was probably because: a female squirrel would not have been silly enough to run out into traffic - and if she did... and got hit, she probably would not have the courage, strength and stamina to get off the road to safety.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Do you use dryer sheets?
Once the dryer load is done, take the used sheet and wipe your TV screens.
They not only remove all the dust – but actually help to repel it.
(only use them after they have done their job in the dryer – a new one will leave streaks and smudges)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bright Light Bright Light

Remember that quote from Spielbergs Gremlins movie. Bright lights melted them or some such thing, I can't quite remember.
I am reminded of this today because, here at the office we have many of our overhead, brain rotting fluorescent lights turned off. Really those lights are destructive.... I have desk lamps instead.
Recently some people were moved around…and into our area. Apparently these new folks like to SEE what they are working on.
There is a man on a ladder here right now turning lights on. Egad.
I already use an umbrella over my cube to block some of this flesh eating light… I may need to invest in a beach umbrella.
I can't leave my cube right now or he will turn on the light directly over my head. This would most likely kill me. So I will wait here until he is done and has put his ladder away - my bladder may burst, but I am not leaving.

While I am on the ‘cube’ subject…. Did you ever see this pic circulating the internet?

I did this. Well… me and a couple friends. On the right side of the pic – that’s a plant in my cube and behind it is the edge of my umbrella… which I have to block the relentless, mind melting, carnivorous fluorescents.

Monday, July 11, 2005


We had an absolutely beautiful summer weekend here in CT.
Sunday was hot yet breezy – so it was summery and comfortable.
My wife and I spent the day puttering around the yard and gardens – she with her watering can filled with MiracleGro, and me with my sprayer of RoundUp.

Main Entry: sym•bi•o•sis
Pronunciation: "sim-bE-'O-s&s, -"bI-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural sym•bi•o•ses /-"sEz/
Etymology: New Latin, from German Symbiose, from Greek symbiOsis state of living together, from symbioun to live together, from symbios living together, from syn- + bios life -- more at QUICK
2 : the intimate living together of two dissimilar organisms in a mutually beneficial relationship;

Friday, July 08, 2005


From the comments I received about our new Storm Trooper – its clear we need to review the tools of the trade.
Yes, I use a canister. If you have predominantly wood (or tile) floors as I do – then a canister is a must. Uprights do their best work on carpets. Granted each type will do the job of the other – but please, do we use a reciprocating saw to rip plywood…no of course not.
Canister vacuums have no belts. I looked. The only belts would be in the rotating brush floor attachments. In our case – the motor simply burned itself out. I am debating whether to add the new vacuum to the FREE dog expense spreadsheet.
I learned from my vacuum salesman (I do so love vacuum salesmen – no I am serious, I love to be sold a product by someone who really knows their products) not to use the really expensive hepa filter bags. They cut the airflow and he said can actually burn out the motor. Hmm.

Ok. So here is your vacuum tip for the day.
When you are doing your big clean for the week (as apposed to your small daily or every other day cleanings) don a tool belt and pop your vacuum attachments in there. Makes for quick and easy access. In a flash I can be vacuuming the tops of the window moldings, then with the flick of a wrist I holster one attachment

and switch to another

to clean out those baseboards.

Hmm, now I am thinking -- I could use some of those fringed chaps for this outfit.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Aviary

We were enjoying a FABulous flounder dinner out on the patio on Monday evening.
The sun was shining, not a cloud – and it was cool and comfortable. (with the exception of the caterpillar droppings…which I will get to in another entry)
I noticed the FREE dog slinking by, heading out into the yard. She was practically tip toeing… so it caught my attention. I noticed she was carrying something in her mouth…and knew right away.

I stood up immediately and sternly demanded, “Drop the bird!”

She obeyed immediately - setting the baby bird gently down into the grass and skulking off. This dog has the gentlest mouth. I have seen her pick up an insect and carry it to her rug and set it down without harm – to play with it I suppose. I can only assume this was her plan for the baby bird.
We weren’t completely surprised - we had actually heard it shrieking earlier…and figured we had another baby dropped out of a nest – we just couldn’t find the little guy.
The FREE dog heard it as well, and apparently kept on with the search long after we lost interest.

The bird seemed fine…except, as with the other one – not quite ready to fly.
We gave him a little water – to help him get his strength back. He seemed to enjoy it.

I set him on the ‘other’ side of the fence. We are hoping his family found him there.

Just another day at the aviary.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Storm Trooper

Our mission to Sears was a success. Dog hair and dust have been abated.

We named the vacuum Storm Trooper
can you see the resemblance?

Friday, July 01, 2005


Today's tip:
If you start to smell burning rubber when you turn on your vacuum.
Don't wait to see smoke, shut if off and go get a new one.

Off to Sears we go!