Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bloggers are people too

Huh, they do exist.
They are real.
They are wonderful.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Prayers before gaiety

Before my sweet wife and I can share stories of the weekend …

Within the span of two weeks – two different couples, both our closest friends… lost fathers.
Fathers who were great men, with kind hearts and dearly loved.
We pray for them now.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

How many lesbians can you fit in a ...

we'll let you know.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Winter in NE

I noticed when I walked out of the house this morning that the driveway was all shiny. Since we did not install a shiny driveway this was my hint to be careful as I walked over to the garage.
As I drove into work I noticed many shiny spots on the road. Since I know the town did not install shiny roads - here was another little clue.

Just in case I was too dense to notice all this slippery shiny-ness, I was passed by an EMS vehicle, and later a police car.

I heard sirens all around me as I drove into the office.

Clearly some folks missed their visual clues.

Friday, February 16, 2007



Have you ever taken the hardware off a door to paint it, or strip it - only to find when you go to re-install that the old holes are simply not snug anymore?
Here is a quick fix, and will keep you from having to move a hinge or latch.

Take a toothpick and put in the screw hole, breaking it off flush. Then, simply install your screws. They’ll tighten right up.

I like to use two flat toothpicks (tho either will do) – they seem to break off cleanly and easily.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In a moment of passion

My valentine and I went out to dinner last night. We had a wonderful meal, and a couple of cocktails.
Before we left for dinner we had decided to wait until later to clear the driveway, since the storm was still going on.
I think it was sometime after my second cocktail that I suggested we wait until morning to clear the snow. My reasoning was that we have this behemoth snow-thrower, and really what was the difference whether we cleared it now or later. My romantic wife, also on her second cocktail, readily agreed.
Our plan was simple. I would get up and go right out side…firing up the behemoth and getting the driveway cleared in record time. My caring wife would fix up a big pot of coffee and we could have a cup together and admire my work.

So this morning, I got right up and started to put the plan into action. i did have a little nagging worry... because I had been a bit of a slacker this year and didn’t pre-test the snow-thrower.
I was so pleased when she fired right up.
Pulled out of the garage… only to skim across the top of the ice pack that had formed overnight.
2 inches of solid snow. Could not for anything get the lip of that snow-thrower under it. It would not budge.

Ah, but for the sparkling wine, the red roses, the crackling fire it was a luscious evening– my sore back and arms will heal.

Oh …and regarding our paintball playing rodents… I was not able to set the trap up last night because my coddling wife was worried about me releasing the little guys in the middle of a storm. We will revisit the catch and release plan early next week.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A game of cat and mouse

When the cat is away the mice will play… paintball?

When Ferris was a young teen he and his buddies played paintball. He had a couple guns, one of those cool facemasks, and other various accoutrement. There were also some leftover paintballs.
Since he has grown into a strapping young man – these items have been relegated to a box in the basement.

A couple of weeks ago – my organized wife and I were tidying up the basement when we noticed little pink blobs and slimy streaks on the basement floor.
We, relatively quickly for two old ladies, realized these were expoloded paintballs.
We wondered if perhaps Ferris had decided this may be a fun new dorm toy, so I checked for his paintball box and it was still there... and seemingly intact.

We dismissed it as an isolated incident.

Well,over the last couple of days I think I have been smelling the tell tale aroma of a mouse making his final ascent. Last night I decided to rip apart the basement to try and find the little guy - to of course be sure he was laid to rest properly... in the pet cemetary we call our back yard.

In my quest for the little rodent, I came upon this -

These are paintballs. These paintballs have been placed under the furnace.

The paintballs came from this box:

See the paintballs laying on the top - these had been in sealed bags tucked under the gun, mask and tanks. Not only that, but this box is in a separate room no where near the furnace. The agile little critters opened the bags, took the paintballs up and out of the box, carried them out of the room and clear across the baesment to place them gently under the furnace. And other than those few little blobs of paint two weeks ago - we never saw a paintball.

Ok, so I can accept the fact that since the cat died we clearly have multiple rodent issues. But what's going on with the paintballs? Is it some wacky late night rodent football. Is under the furnace a goal?

Time to pull out the ole RTD.

Monday, February 12, 2007

off spring

Have I bragged about our kids lately.
Hmm, no?

well then…

First, I want to congratulate The Daughter The Therapist.
She passed her State LPC exam, the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination (NCMHCE) exam giving by the National Board of Certified Counselors.
So if you are in the neighborhood…and nuts – she is now licensed to help you.

We’re also very proud of Ferris – who made it through his first semester at college …gaining only a scant couple freshman pounds, doing his own laundry, oh and making the Dean’s List.

Friday, February 09, 2007



Are you feeling ill effects from the winter? Do you feel listless, tired, do you poop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? (oops …a Lucy moment).

Maybe you have an unexplained lack of energy or are you getting a little short fused?

You will be surprised how much it helps with winter blues to get your house clean and orderly.

Your home is an integral part of your energy. Your home has energy flowing through it all the time. Feng Shui is the environmental science of this energy – and there are boat loads of info on this.
But on a smaller scale – and without doing a lot of research…
Energy in your home can be good or bad which can help or hinder you in your daily life. A cramped, cluttered home that’s dusty and disorganized will greatly affect the way you feel.

I am more pragmatic than most, and proudly consider myself shallow – but even I can feel the difference in our home when it’s cleaned and set right. I am more at ease, and I feel happier. Sometimes that’s enhanced by the several lite beers I partake after getting everything in order… but I digress.

So if you’re longing for the days of summer and feeling like you need more space and sunlight, take some time this weekend to do a good cleaning. Think of it as a way to pamper and care for yourself. Some folks may go to a spa, which while pleasant is short lived. Caring for yourself by caring for your home environment will have lasting effects.

If your home is particularly disorganized – start small. Take one room, perhaps your bedroom – which should be your sanctuary. Dust and vacuum everything including your window treatments and walls (which can be quickly dusted with one of those swiffer thingys). Wash your linens, hang out spreads and comforters and toss your pillows in the dryer at high heat for freshening.

If you are storing things under your bed, remove them. Keeping clutter hiding under your bed is not good for sleeping energy. Keeping it clear is good for air flow, which keeps your room fresher and also allows easy access for vacuuming and/or mopping.

Attics and basements are other great places to organize and purge unneeded stuff. You may think there is no harm in keeping piles clutter and useless stuff behind closed doors.
But – try this. Clean and organize your basement, throwing out anything you don’t use and making sure the stuff you do use is accessible and arranged by purpose.
Then sit in your living room and see how it makes you feel. You will feel a better flow of energy even in other rooms. Perhaps you won’t perceive it as energy. You may simply feel, at first, satisfied with a job well done.
But I promise it will feel good.
And… a couple of beers won’t hurt either.
Something about a good day of clutter clearing that just makes the cold ones flow better.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You make the diagnosis

Have you seen these new shows on TV? They give you a bunch of medical facts about someone and then a list of possible ailments.
I am really good at these, because not only do I watch DiscoveryHealth, but I have been watching TV medical shows my whole life.
I could intubate someone if I had to.

Today, you can play along in my psychosis by analyzing my dream from last night.

It goes something like this: (cue eerie music and fog...)

I get onto an escalator, which seems to be in a mall type setting. The escalator is unusual in that it's covered – picture a tube... with moving stairs. I suppose it was somewhat like those kiddie slides you see at playgrounds.
I crouched down to get on and then sit once inside, because it was pretty small. I think about how difficult it would be for someone larger than me, and how silly to have such a thing at the mall.
As I descend I that creepy feeling that I have done this before, and on that previous occasion I just barely fit through the opening at the bottom. I feel my anxiety rise as I approach the bottom. I see the opening, size it up. Just as my feet pass through I realize it's too small.

I hear a squelch sort of sound as my legs are stopped by the small opening.
I am stuck.
I tap on the tube, and call for help. I remember to panic. Claustrophobia washes over me. I look down at my feet poking through the small hole. I notice I am wearing cream colored pumps. I may also be wearing a matching cream skirt and jacket.

Then... I woke up.


Luckily for me we are having dinner with The Daughter The Therapist tonight.
Hopefully she will read today's entry before we go and possibly jot down some notes and come up with some theories.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We have a little basket with a couple magazines in our bathroom, just in case you find yourself with some time to pass.
One of them is a health and well-being type of magazine.
It has an article on things you can do to boost your memory… especially as you age.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this article.