Friday, January 04, 2008



It' been a little chilly here these past couple days.
Well... if you think 0 is chilly.

When the weather turns like this remember the tips you used during the summer to keep you house cool - just reverse them.
Open your blinds/curtains during the day, especially on the south side to take advantage of the sun. As dusk arrives close the blinds and pull the curtains to retain the heat. Remember, if you have baseboard heat, curtains should not cover them. That kinda defeats the purpose.

If you have a draft under your door - there are plenty of options: install a door sweep, or a new threshold; get one of those draft dodger stuffed things that look like long dogs or cats; or heck... just toss a rolled towel there when it gets this cold.

I would not recommend having a fire unless you have glass doors. While you may feel comfortably warm in front of your sensual flames - most of your dearly paid for hot air in the rest of the house is going up and out your chimney.

And finally - remember the best (and least expensive) way to keep warm is to share body heat.


drowning pisces said...

Great tips weese... ah but if only the last were possible.. sigh..

don't forget to flip the switch on ceiling fans so the blades rotate in the opposite position from summer pushing the warm air down instead of up and out!

brrrrrr... getting cold just thinking about 0

weese said...

ooo... nice addition dp

SassyFemme said...

Insulated curtains and electric blankets are great things, too. Nothing beats sharing body heat though!

Maria said...

We also have a space heater. Liv curls up in front of it in her pjs after a bath and Bing and I sit wrapped up together in a blanket with our tootsies in front of it on cold nights.

Winter is much more conducive to the cuddle factor than Summer.

Hahn at Home said...

Being conducive to the cuddle is a great slogan for somebody! I don't miss those 0 degree days - with that Scotch window plastic on all of my 90 year old windows. Out here, they just don't insulate well, so the house struggles when it's 45.