Friday, February 04, 2011


Thank goodness we finally realized that we're ... well... 50 or so.

After laying in bed the other night listening to the porch roof creak and thud under the weight and thawing and freezing - we hired out.

Two guys with shovels and a ladder.

We've let most of the front walk go.
The driveway has an inch of solid ice.
Now that the roof is clear the snow piles around the house are 6 feet.
We have given up on Ferris' hand me downs and purchased our own braces and wraps, I am using a cane as well.

More snow is coming this weekend, followed by another storm next week.

I am calm. Eerily so.


poet said...

God, that is a lot of snow. Sounds like our winter of 2008! THAT.WAS.GROSS. I am thankful for our snowblower. I don't think I could move that kind of snow now. I am sorry you are dealing with so much of that white stuff. Hard to look at it as pretty, eh? Wishing the pain of achiness would go away for you, too. Take care. poet.

Ann said...

I am so freakin' over snow now. It's not fun anymore. It's now raining IN our kitchen and living room. There's an aquarium building in our living room picture window. Our roofer can't be here until the end of next week, at the earliest.

Val said...

Feeling your pain. However, a shot of cortisone is a beautiful thing. Jes sayin'!