Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big News

I have had so much to say lately, it's time to get back to it...

What a better way to start than with this.
Last night we did something that most of you do every day - that we have not done in 25 years.

Yes, folks.

We loaded and ran a dishwasher.
Right here in our own house.
All by itself it sat there whirring and swishing and soon enough, it was done!

These new fangled gadgets are certainly amazing.


e said...

Oh, the mod cons! Love them!

KMae said...

Wish we had one.

LilliGirl said...

Congrats...I'm just catching up and love what you are doing with the house! :)

Anonymous said...

The problem is they don't put themselves back in the cabinets.


maxine said...
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maxine said...

So you will be blogging when the dishwasher is running?

Trish said...

mazel tov on your progression to this century!

this from someone who stood in the outhouse giggling, at our old family cabin after my uncle installed a flush toilet after 75 years of the other option.