Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I caught some of the 11 o'clock news last night. I wanted to see if winter planned to make an appearance here in New England (note that I am NOT complaining).

The weather is last of course - this way we must muddle through all the local drudgery. Apparently some Town Hall was going to redo their roof and residents were having a nit fit. In another town some folks are without power...again... tho really you would think we'd all be used to that by now.

Then we got to crime portion of the news.

In a town not to far from here it seems there was a store that was robbed. The newscaster described the robbers as 'two white men'.
A little farther north there was a bank robbery. These suspects were described as 'two black men'.

So people, please - keep your eyes out for either two white men, or two black men.

I suppose if you should see four men and two of them are white and two of them are black we can assume its a crime ring.

For that matter if you simply see one man and he is either white or black - you may have spotted one of them.

So if you see anyone at all - perhaps you should just call the police.


Fran said...

ROFLMAO!!! On the other hand... lest you become a "witness" it might be better to not look at anyone!!

Ann said...

But what did you find out about winter?

Trish said...

well, there's a group of "brown men" across the street with tools, maybe they are a crime ring, just pretending to be tree trimmers.

I also read a crime report from Atherton, CA (go ahead, go Google it, I'll wait...). Someone called the police because some guy was driving around slowly in the 'hood looking like he was "casing the neighborhood". 4 police officers came out, only to find out he lived 2 blocks away and was whistling while driving slowly, looking for his lost dog.

e said...

I can't believe how specific they were in their identifications! Wow!