Friday, February 17, 2012


From the editor: I blogged recently about my big brother.

At some point in the past - I shared my blog address with my big brother.
He remembered.

"Hi Bubba!!"

In my post, I talked about his struggles through high school and college.
His struggles were written in my pen.
From my memories.
My memories of him, and our childhoods.

Today in the mail I received a card from my brother with this simple note inside:

Thought this might
surprise you after
reading your blog.
       Love, Bubba

tucked into the card was this:

Kinda lends a little credibility to this quote from that same blog post:
"So close in age, it always surprises me that our earliest memories don't seem to match. The result of a brother and sister's individual interpretations of their childhoods I suppose... or at least I hope. We joke about been raised by different families."

I love that Bubba.

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Val said...

yeah... david & i have VERY different memories about our childhood, but then we have alot of similar ones.. nice to compare every once in awhile!