Thursday, September 20, 2012

an epic tale

Have you ever seen one of those epic movies where they start out with some old dude or dame who spends the entire movie looking back on their lives. Recalling amazing stories, poignant moments and wild adventures. Forrest Gump or Water for Elephants are good examples.
Now perhaps you weren't a carny or didn't own a shrimp boat ... but take a moment to revel in your movie…
The ups the downs, the innocence, the wild days. Kids, parents, grandparents, neighbors - crazy neighbors. Holidays, vacations, long summer afternoons. The year there was too much snow. That time you locked yourself out ...and the crazy thing you did to get back in. Your first kiss. A random kiss. Getting a puppy. Realizing what a dumb idea that was. Gardening, swimming, painting, skydiving, tying your shoes, flying, flying in an airplane. Long drives with special people. Long drives with annoying people. Running out of gas. Siphoning. Your first car. Your first car accident. Your fourth car accident. Long luxurious Sunday mornings. That time you went to that huge concert and somehow ended up backstage with the band. Your hippie days. Your kids hippie days. Protesting, sitting-in, getting arrested. Cocktails on Christopher street. Climbing a tree, falling out. Falling in love.

Your life is epic.

wow. huh.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more pictures of your house and what you've done with it. So far, the changes have been lovely! You've really added value to the home. I hope the neighbourhood justifies the expense!
Congrats on becoming grandmothers!

Fran said...

What a great idea! heading for the popcorn... :)