Monday, April 01, 2013

gone viral

Did you get a flu shot?
I didn't.
I am one of those people who says...'Baahh, I've never had the flu.'
That only works for so long.

Tho - no one told me that I actually ever had 'The Flu'.

What they said was 'viral infection'. A seemingly random virus.
A virus gone rampant. Gone viral.

So viral in fact that after being amazingly sick for 7 days - I landed in the ER.
So viral in fact that the ER couldn't even 'treat and street' me.
So viral in fact that I really should have stayed that extra day in my comfortable 7th floor hospital room.
12 days of hell.
Today, over 30 days later, I am still recovering.

Next year, I will get a flu shot. Maybe two.
And perhaps not leave the house from Nov - April.


maxine said...

Wow! Glad you are recovering. My plan is to remain in flu-shot avoidance so you may have someone to tell I told you so.

e said...

Holy smokes! That's a bad one... Do yourself a favor and stay in bed as long as you need.

I'm with Maxine on the avoidance plan, though.

Trish said...

Wow! Am glad you're recovering and out of hospital. My opinion is that sort of virus makes you feel like you've got a Ferrari engine, but only enough fuel and oil to run a lawn mower. Pedal to the floor and you've still got nothing.

A few years back I did not obtain an annual flu shot. I hadn't had "the flu" for several years and due to my cancer treatment, I was really obsessive about hand washing, clorox wipes etc. One morning I returned from the gym getting progressively tired and weak, then feverish. I gasped and shook for 36 hours. And then as if someone opened a door, I felt better. Not great, but no longer like I was willing to sign my last testament right on the spot. A few weeks later I felt well enough to return to the gym, slowly. Since then, I've gotten a flu shot every year. While it might have all those "icky things" stated by the health folks, none of them seem as bad as even the 36 hour version I had. I'll take the shot because, unlike some of the other bunk the medical community is putting out, most of the time the viruses the annual shot covers is enough to at least keep you out of hospital, which is good enough for me to get one every year.

Ann said...

Holy crap! Glad you're getting better!