Monday, August 24, 2015

Bonfire of the ....

bank statements.

As is our annual tradition - we burn the 6 year old* statements/tax returns etc.
My off-the-grid-wife insists on receiving paper statements. I am not sure why - tho it may just be so we can burn them once a year.

We used to have a wood stove at the old house, and you can burn anything in those.
This new house has a gas fireplace. Which I love for its cleanliness and push button convenience - but burning in there is a huge no-no.
Thus the outdoor fire. In a camp stove no less, as we no longer even have a firepit.
We turned this years burning into a weeny-roast - so its an environmental win/win, as well as being delicious.

*keeping the customary last 5 years

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