Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's all about how you look at it

As you may remember, I have embarked on a weight loss program.
This program is strongly based on exercise.
This will actually be my first week where I will go to the gym to workout at least 3 times. I am looking forward to this regularity. I do so like routine.

I rushed out of the office today to fit in my full workout in before it was time for Wednesday Wings Night (for anyone who doesn't know, this is our family dinner night at our local sports bar - we get a pitcher of beer and 20 cent wings).

I arrive at the well appointed women's locker room and begin unpacking my workout 'gear'. My 'gear' consists of sneakers, a pair of Old Navy sweats, and a loose T. Let's just say its more functional than fashionable.
Aaanyway... I start up packing and find that my 'gear' is drenched. I mean really wet, like 'there is no way I can wear it' wet.

It's pouring out, my bag was in my back seat ... and I have a convertible.
Uh o.

So I pack up my soggy stuff and go back out to the car. Upon further inspection I notice the backseat is also wet.I spent some time trying to find a leak. Oddly the roof seemed dry. The water must have leaked from one place and run along a seam or something. I decide to wait until tomorrow and test it with a hose to find, and hopefully patch, the leak.

So, I go home. Sad about missing my workout.

The phone is ringing as I walk in. It's The Daughter. Poor little thing is sick, and the 'bo' is coming down with it too.
So we cancel wings night.

No workout, no wings.

It was then that I started to unpack my gym bag to toss my soggy stuff in the wash - when I found my leaky water bottle.

true - no wings, no workout... but more importantly - no new convertible top!

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