Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Highs in the lower 90's

I haven't had the chance to pick up that little room sized A/C that would fit nicely into my office window here.
Here in the attic.
Today should be interesting.

I have a little piece of Dove chocolate on my desk.
Currently, at 9:30 E.S.T., its 70 degrees in here and the chocolate is nice and firm.

Let's check back in later...shall we.

1:00 p.m. update
It's actually not too uncomfortable up here.
It's 77 degrees, and I have a fan going.

However, my chocolate is getting soft.
(notice the indent where I pressed my finger)

3:37 p.m. update
temperature has reached 85°.

Did you know chocolate melts at 85°?

(clearly not swiss chocolate, Sage)


alter rigo said...

Ooo, I'm intrigued! Bet the next pic will be just a crumpled up wrapper.

sageweb said...

oh this would have been a perfect time to go buy swiss chocolate. they say swiss chocolate melts at a higher temp than american chocolate. I think tomorrow you need to do a side by side.

e said...

haha, sage! it's a science experiment!

wish we could have a little of that weather... it has rained every single day this month and we are tired of it.

Anonymous said...

One of the sch**ls I work in doesn't have AC, today was the day I was mostly in that building. I feel like the chocolate in the last picture.

Val said...

loving that i work in the office on days like today!

And loving the central air that we turned on this evening! :)