Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's still going on...

Just so you don't think we are all sitting around swilling Bloody Mary's here all day long...
(well not the entire day...)

Work continues here on the little house by the marsh.

This week we are getting all new windows. Believe me ...we need them.

The cement slab for our new 2 car garage has been poured. We don't have an actual garage yet, but really I can't be too picky.

Last week we had the entire back lawn removed.

We reseeded it. Which was more work than I had expected. Somehow I wasn't completely convinced that age can actually slow you down. That was a huge miscalculation.

Luckily the very next day found us in Provincetown - swilling Bloody Mary's of course.


e said...

Wow. Youse are putting a lot of work into the little house by the swamp, uh, marsh. That's good, though! Most people work on their house in order to sell it and then it looks great and think, why didn't we do this before?

Keep swilling!

Maria said...

Truth? I could never go along with that many renovations. I get so stressed out when Bing wants to work on anything house related.

elf said...

Did you order a foccacia sammich?