Friday, June 01, 2012


[from may 23rd]
doors to screen porch are in
hole cut through brick from mud room to new studio space
nifty ceiling fan

from studio looking into house



e said...

Wow! It's looking fantastic!

(Stud) lol...

weese said...

oops..fixed that (

Maria said...

Holy shit. I wish my partner could work that quickly. Yes, I'm the one who lived with a torn apart bathroom for 3 YEARS, not months....years...

elf said...

Three years? Pssshhhh. Lightweight.

I'm gonna guess that you would not have lived with a torn apart bathroom for three years if you had paid professionals to do it.

Good, cheap, fast. You can have two of the three. You can't have all three.

Assuming your partner does good work, I'd say you went with good + cheap, which negates "fast".

In this case, Weese is going with good + fast, which negates "cheap".

I, hi-ever, am working on "mediocre+cheap=redoing a bunch of shit so that you could have paid a pro to begin with and been done with it years ago" equation.

Teresa said...

Which room is mine?