Wednesday, June 20, 2012

what do you do when it hits 100°

The roofers are here.

So is the patio crew.

We're in the final push now. The projects that were supposed to be all wrapped up by Memorial day - look like they may make it in time for the 4th!

Oh, and the Tax Assessor visited too.


Fran said...

No A/C for you ladies? We haven't put ours in yet, but have some pretty powerful fans going so it's not too bad.

Stay Cool!

Ann said...

And 2 hours after she left that comment, we were sweating like crazy putting the AC into the living room. Glad the new house is coming along... We miss you both! Shall we try to get together for dinner before too much longer goes by?

Val said...

Looks like progress to me and you should be thankful you aren't up on any roofs or laying stonework!!!