Monday, July 09, 2012

Our nest

Well its happened.
We knew it was inevitable, we felt it drawing closer.
All the signs were there, the ducks were lined up, plans made, preparations underway.
And so - it was not a surprise.
There was an announcement, a schedule, and finally... execution.

Ferris has flown the coup.

Its not like we're new to him not being around. He went to college, he went to Florence for a few months-- twice.
We're used to him not being here.
Tho, oddly, there is something about his room being empty. All those other forays into the world left his room intact, even looking a bit lived in, his energy still swirling about.
This time he took it all**. Took his 'stuff' to start his new life.

Ah, but don't worry about us.
A trip to Ikea and a couple Princess blankets later - we've transformed Ferris' once manly, cozy cave into cuteness.
Bring on the babies we've got room!

And look who came over to console us in our loneliness this weekend.

I think we'll be OK.

Definition of 'all' - meaning everything in his room. The basement and garage... well that another story.
Its a transition we are used to. The Daughter The Therapist finally took her stuff when we told her we were moving - the alternative being tossing the stuff into dumpster. Dumpsters are an effective motivator. 


e said...

Hey! You have the same mist system that we have! :-)

Congrats on the so-called empty nest...

maxine said...

I was betting that there might be room in the then empty space for a crib or something...xo...

Maria said...

Ah. When Liv was little, we used to go out every morning to water our vegetables. I used a mister very much like that, was hand held and had a very large brim. After we watered the vegetables, she would plead me with to water her, so I would. She'd hunker down in a little ball and pretend to grow as I watered her. She's nearly 13 now and I couldn't pay her to do that now....