Friday, November 02, 2012

a golden opportunity

It's been a busy week here by the marsh.

It started over the weekend with storm preparation.

First I extended all the gutter downspouts far from the foundation and lashed them down, then we put all the lawn furniture and potted plants into the garage. Tucked the extra propane tank in there as well. Certain we would need that if the power went out.

With all the extra stuff going into the garage it was time to do some re-arranging. So I pulled out my 7foot step ladder and started to lay some boards across the ceiling joists. This way I could eek out a little extra storage space up above.

This idea was working swimmingly. As I got up higher on the ladder to view the boards from above I noticed that for some odd reason my ladder had twisted and one foot was off the ground.
I guess I must not have set it solidly.
No worries, I was high enough to take my weight off the ladder by leaning onto a joist. This way I could reset the ladder with my feet.
Seemed reasonable enough.
Gravity had other plans, taking the ladder from beneath me.
Now... 20 years ago I would have been able to lower myself down gently off the joist.
Not so much now. I slid off that thing like a fish on a playground slide.

Luckily my sometimes-overly-concerned wife was not at home at the time. This gave me plenty of time to lie quietly on the cement garage floor and consider my options.
After I was fairly certain my leg was not broken, I managed to get up and hobble around to finish storm preparations.
I managed to get everything tucked away in the garage, including the cars - and locking it up tight against the weather, even with a limp.
I was pleased - albeit achy.
Time for wine.

The storm hit us pretty hard here by the marsh, being only 3 blocks from the Sound. Remarkably we had power until a large tree hit a pole down the street sometime just before dark.

It wasn't until the power actually went out that I gazed out the back window at the crazy storm -- all our stuff safely stowed in our new garage... and slowly it dawned on me.
Safely stowed... locked in the garage...

I have never locked that back garage door before.
Not once.

Which is why the keys for that door hang neatly on a nail - just inside....the garage.

Go ahead... open season. My adorable wife has been having good fun with this for days.


elf said...

Ok, wait, you had the keys to the garage hanging INSIDE the garage? When you hung them there you were thinking...what? Preparing yourself for the zombie apocalypse?

Que es mas smarter? Weese or zombie? Weese!! Because she put the key INSIDE the garage ensuring no possible way for zombies to get into the garage. Always thinking!!

But don't you have automatic garage doors? So it gets better? Because not only do you NOT have a key to the garage door OUTSIDE the garage, you don't have an extra automatic garage door opener??

You have lost ALL your Friday Tip of the Day cred, my friend.

And you didn't mention stepping in dog shit.

elf said...

Oh... but so glad you are safe. That was a storm for the ages.

weese said...

ok now i get to make fun of you.
I do have an extra opener... and a keypad on the outside of the garage.
they run on what....
anyone, anyone...

elf said...

Hahahaha! Ooops. Ok so I didn't think about the electricity part.

But guess what? Neither did you!! And you forgetting about how garage doors need electricity to open was a much bigger oops than mine. Plus, you only have ONE key to the door lock. ONE. And where did you put that one key???

I win.

Val said...

I'm focusing in your fall... It hurt to read this! Hope the wine helped! Hi to the wife and you'll get the garage door open.... Someday.

maxine said...

so your divine wife is now okay with you getting on the roof, right??

Trish said...

LOL...if it is a simple paddlock type key lock, it is easy to break into. A regular door lock, a little harder, but doable. Probably cheapest to break a small window and crawl in, if your wife will let you that far off the ground ever again. What I've learned is, if there is a key to a lock, make sure that when I'm closing up the lock, I have the key in hand. Haven't locked myself out of my car in decades, nor a house either.

Hope you're back in non-hobble mode soon.