Friday, November 30, 2012

late fall

Things are still pretty mild here by the marsh.
While the delay is welcome, I am ready now.
Ready for what the winter has to bring.

This process, this being 'ready' is part practical and part emotional. Even if the house and garden and cars and such are all tucked in and prepared for the season to change, I still need to feel ready.
I am not sure yet, even now in my own autumn, what actually changes to ready me for the dark and cold of winter. I just know it when it comes.
There is no obvious connection to temperature, length of the day, day of the month --nothing I can quite put my finger on.

Its a struggle before this readiness sets in. My body bristles. I snarl against the chill. I am somewhat anxious. just happens. And its all ok. And winter can come.

Don't get me wrong. I do not like winter. I am a warm weather person. My people are short, dark, round island people. We like to swelter.

This readiness is simply acceptance.
I like to think of winter as a healing time. A time to come inside and nurture the soul. Let the dark be a snugly cloak - not a dagger. The early evenings force me to sit by the fire. To read. To relinquish to stillness.

Summer is for boisterous entertaining, sparkly drinks and dancing in the moonlight.
Winter brings long, slow, warm chats with friends over heavy wine and sugary treats.
While Spring may be the time to fall in love, winter can be a time to revel in it.

I can't complain about a season that allows me respite to regain my strength for the rollicking I simply must do once the sun returns to its highest point.



elf said...

I think this is one of your best posts ever. For real. It's so lyrical.

Are you drinking?

Fran said...

Lovely! And everything I've heard says we're in for a tough one...

Anonymous said...

I hope you find the time and money for a cruise :)

- Rae