Thursday, December 06, 2012

dusting out the empty nest

So they're gone. You know the kids. The nest is all empty, and tidy.
We're surviving - don't worry about us.

So here we are at the holidays - in this nest.
On our own.
Hmm... what will (grand)parents do when left to their own devices...

For the last 28 or so years we've been slogging out into cold fields, sometimes in the snow, sometimes rain, often cold - where we take a tiny saw and hack down the largest tree that weese would allow into the house.
and sometimes a bit larger than that.

We do these things for our children.

Kinda like we did this...

...for our children... but let's not digress.

Ah...but this is OUR year.
They'll be no slogging, no cutting, no watering, no needles to vacuum (or shovel up as it were)

ooo the bad tree year...

 because we did this instead!
It's a silver tinsel tree.
Yes. Yes it is.
We could not be more delighted.
The kids will be HORRIFIED.
Which will only add to our delight.
(the light blue glow you notice to one side is a color changing (omg yes... it changes) light bulb installed in the overhead recessed light fixture, conveniently placed above the Christmas tree I am sure for such purposes)
this tree is Wyatt approved... and tastes good too.


Fran said...

What fun! I love it!! :)

Ann said...

How utterly wild... and fabulous!

e said...

OMG! I love your silver tinsel tree! I sincerely hope that the kids are horrified!

Best smile of the day award, Weese!

Maria said...

We have had a silver tinsel tree for about a decade now. I adore it. It is ancient and still has an old fashioned color wheel that goes with it. I bought it for about 10 bucks at a yard sale, including the wheel.

We have the prettiest tree on the block.

the only daughter said...

A a year (or so) during childhood we had one of those, with the color wheel. If I found one (like Maria) I would consider that, otherwise, no tree for me--unless my daughter uses her tabletop one.

Love it.