Thursday, September 05, 2013


Sensing a theme here?

But no, I am not referring to rolled up grass.
Nor do I mean it as 'fool' or 'idiot', or maybe I do...

It's my own personal acronym.
You've heard of SAD... that Seasonal Affective Disorder,
well this is Seasonally Overwhelmed Disorder.

I get this way in the spring and the fall. In fact... I've blogged this before.

When the seasons change there is much to do.
And for some ridiculous reason I get all anxiety stricken.
Like OMG I need to wash the windows, plant some grass, wax the car, take in the screens, get a new storm door, wash the floors, tidy the garage, test the snowthrower, do the laundry, change the oil, lose some weight, find the missing house key, wash the dishes, organize my sock drawer, clean the oven...

and on and on it goes.

Why o why did I also decide this was the time of year to cut back on my wine consumption.


e said...

Seasonal Obsessive Disorder?

Chill, woman, and get your wine one.

Maria said...

I do the same thing with my garden. I look at it dying and know that I need to till it all back into the soil and get all worried about timing. And then, one day...I just do it and while I do it, I cry. Because I love that garden with so much of my soul and I hate to see it gone.