Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I have no one to blame but myself

I am making an effort to getting back to documenting life (and renovations) here at the brick house by the marsh.

I wanted to write something current. Very current.
I sat and pondered.
Whats happening... let's see... whats happening right now. This week.

Not the giant front yard project to begin next week.
Not the plumbing project to begin asap in the basement.
Right now.
And what popped into my head ?

Yes. Grass.

Technically the lack thereof.

Somehow... after moving away from a lawn the size of a small ranch.

Maintaining large, diverse grassy areas. A pleasure to stroll.
sunny parts
shady parts

even outside of the fence there was GRASS

so much grass

somehow I have managed to utterly destroy this tiny little backyard.

There was neglect.
There was arrogance.
There were rookie mistakes.

And now there is crabgrass and dead grass and weeds and ...utter despair.

I simply cannot get myself to upload a picture of it.
ohhh the horror.


Ann said...

With all of our pine trees, crabgrass and weeds are the only things that grow here. At least they're green.

e said...

Grass is highly overrated! I prefer moss. Never needs mowing!