Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The knowing

Traffic was the usual stop and go crawl this morning. It was chilly out, despite having had a nice, sunny, melty day yesterday. As I rolled along in the center lane, creeping slightly faster than the right, I came upon a car with the drivers window down.

This is unusual tho not unheard of. I generally expect to see a smoker behind the wheel, or perhaps an old, crusty contractor (not sure why those guys are always so warm).
But this was a woman. As I drew closer I could see she was about my age.
I looked over as I passed  - we shared an almost imperceptible knowing glance.
Because of course I understood.
I had just shut my window.


maxine said...

I need a like button.

e said...

Ditto what Maxine said...

treppenwitz said...

You're back?! How is it that I didn't see the memo?

Shame on me for not having faith and checking more frequently.

Nice to see a sign of life, my friend...