Monday, February 18, 2008

Because old dogs don't always learn very much at all

And by dogs... I am referring to myself.

We got the new 'Laundry Center' this weekend.
I spent some time sitting on a small stool just watching it wash.

I was riveted.
Do you have a front loader?
Have you ever watched it? I highly recommend it.

Alas, I was not completly satisfied with the installation by the trained, washer-installer professionals.
Not a problem.
There is not much weese can't fix... or should I say 'attempt' to fix.

After about 20 minutes, 4 bandaids and several trips to the basement for more tools.
I found my anywhere-but-in-the-same-room-with-me wife and said
"Sometimes you should just tell me to leave well enough alone."

7 comments: said...


Yes but you have no idea how watchin' our wives butch it up to fix somethin' is SUCH an aphrodisiac! :)

p.s. I want a front loader -- and now that our top loader is starting to cop an attitude, it may be sooner than we'd like.

clammy said...

LMAO- I can so relate. Especially the band-aids. I wanta know what you were trying to do? Relocate the washer? Watch out for that sharp metal. Ha.

SassyFemme said...

"anywhere-but-in-the-same-room-with-me wife"

Anonymous said...

My cat watches my mum's front loader, we call it her 'television time.'

eb said...

I bet she did tell you to leave well enough alone. You just didn't listen.

WenWhit said...

I'll be happy to take a look when I'm done with the roof. ;p

Jero said...

This is so funny to me... my hands always look like that after I tackle any household project. It's definitely not an "old dog" thing ;)