Friday, February 29, 2008



It's that time of year again where we start jonesin' for some Spring.

For a little hint of Spring in your home, set a couple vases of fresh flowers around. Tulips and Daffi's are flooding the stores now. This small spark of color will do wonders for the energy in your home.
Put a small vase in your bedroom too. Remember, your bedroom is your sanctuary. Keeping the room you sleep in orderly and clean will help you stay focused and keep your mood level throughout the day. And seeing a happy spot of color will also give you a bit of joy to carry with you into the still cold days of March.

There's no need to spend money on this little bit of happiness. Just trod out into the backyard (your's or someone else's) and clip some forsythia or pussy willow. Both these early bloomers are easy to force.

Before sticking them in a vase, be sure to crush the woody stems so they can draw in more water. Using warm water will hasten the process. It also helps to set them in a sunny window.

But know that it will take several days for your blooms.

We set out some forsythia to greet guests we had coming in for the weekend.
Unfortunately, just a little to late - so they were met with sticks in water when they arrived.

But of course...

the day after they left.


Jero said...

LOL.. doesn't it figure.

I can't wait to get the garden going this year once this fence is up. I absolutely love fresh cut flowers in the house.. it definitely does add to the energy. Thanks for the forcing tips..

WenWhit said...

Eh, so we had an added spot of wood color. It was enjoyable. ;)

I kill plants, so I'll leave this tip-o-day to Suzanne and stick to tending the grass.

Anonymous said...

It's always the way, happens before or after, but never on the day you want it to!

the only daughter said...

Great, useful and timely tip.

As usual.

Lee said...

forsythia is quickly giving way to budding dogwoods, tulip magnolias and azaleas in these parts :)

next week holds a trip with a SIL to her grandma's homestead to rescue some heirloom plantings!!

maxine said...

When we left for CT, the magnolia had but a few blossoms. We came home to it having fully bloomed and dropped many petals, heralding our return.

Now I am wondering what I can yip from the neighbor's yard...