Friday, March 14, 2008



Forgive me...I should have given you this tip at the start of the long, cold winter season - tho I suppose you can apply it to windy March days as well.

When you go to a restaurant or place of business... but really this applies mostly to restaurants - where they have installed two doors, with a space between them - please refrain from opening both doors at the same time.
I see this all the time, especially with families. They open the first door and the family starts to pile into what might be a small space between the doors, then they open the second door while the first door behind them is still open and start piling in and tussling with coats and chatting back and forth at one another.
I am sure you have seen this - and I am sure you have been the recipient of the cold gust of air as a result.

There are two doors for a reason.
The business went to great expense to install the second door to keep their patrons comfortable.
So please, open the first door, gather your family together if you must - then allow the first door to close prior to opening the second door.
This way - the folks inside can stay warm and toasty, as the proprietor intended.

Small kindnesses.


eb said...

That is kind...but what if someone wants to get out? I thought that's what the second door was for - to facilitate people entering and leaving.

psuacoustician said...

Hear, Hear!!!!!!

As a person who freezes in public places I think that your post should be plastered everywhere there are double doors.

Anonymous said...

and for those restaurants that don't have two NOT open the door as if to leave and then turn and start chatting with the rest of your party

Lee said...

Y'all aren't wearing shorts yet?

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Those who do that should be seated out side.

dykewife said...

that would be a nice thing to do if only they would put more than 3 feet between the sets of doors, then perhaps that could happen.