Monday, March 17, 2008


We went to pick Ferris up from the airport the other night.
We arrived a few minutes early and my eager wife and I were milling about the baggage claim area when the first call came in.

Ferris: Where are you guys?
Weese: In baggage claim.
Ferris: Well you could get the car…
Weese: Not to worry, we scored an excellent spot very close by.
Ferris: Umm… ok

My obliging wife decides… what the heck… and goes to pull up the car.
She’s cute that way.

I pick out a chair near the baggage belt and sit patiently waiting doing a little people watching.

Second call.

Ferris: Where are you?
Weese: I am still in baggage claim, Mom went to get the car a couple of min…
Ferris: Ok, I need you to go to the car… do you understand?
Weese: Yup... on my way – how about if we wait out in the parking lot, rather than by the curb.
Ferris: That would be better. Bye

See… I have a knowing.

I go out to the curb to find my waiting wife.

Weese: Ok we need to drive away.
My Confused Wife: Huh..Drive? Where, why?
Weese: Actually, um… we need to go back into the parking lot.
My Frugal Wife: Hmm, I just paid to get OUT of the parking lot??

So we circle the airport as I explain the second call.

We decided to park near the curb but far away enough to be ignored if necessary.
Ferris walks across the street and waves – this must mean the coast is clear so we pull up.

Weese: So …what was it?
Ferris: She was so hot.


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SassyFemme said...

OMG, Hilarious!

clammy said...

hee.. I'm sure he appreciates your "knowingness." I have this picture in my head of you two that would make Lucy & Ethel proud.

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otter said...

you guys are so good!

sporksforall said...

I'm glad to know that even in post 9/11 days, fun can be had at the airport. :)