Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I work in a pleasant enough environment.

I have a little heater under my desk, because my blood seems to slow down to a crawl when I sit in front of the computer for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I was able to turn off all the bright, fluorescent lights over my space, because I feel they rot my brain.

I have several toys (and other fun things) in my warm, dark cubicle.
We have soothing fish to view and feed and tend to.

All the free coffee you can drink, subsidized food and soda, bagels on Fridays... and right now they are having a cookie break, complete with milk, in the lunch room.

Seems nice...huh?

Then why is it our Administrative Coordinator has no choice but to keep sacred office supplies - such as spiral notebooks, in a locked cabinet.

These things confound me.

7 comments: said...


I'd love to know how you got them to turn off the lights above you.

I'd give my right arm to get that at my job!

Ok, make that my left arm. I need my right.

Jero said...

me too! florescent lights kill me.

I think supplies tend to wander home with people and fill people's personal stock. Notebooks for the kids when they start school.. extra bottles of hand sanitizer at home, sharpies go home with people too.. around here even the free bagels get packed up to feed people who don't work here. LOL.

the only daughter said...

Our office lock up the office staples as well. If we didn't pens and the like would go walking willy-nilly.

Though I don't like being the only one with a key to the cabinet.

sporksforall said...

Oh, I'm IN CHARGE and can't have hanging file folders or file folder labels. These things are very important to some people.

eb said...

It's to protect the supplies from the Ipod muggers.

chapin said...

I put out a certain amount of supplies each month. When the glue sticks are gone for the month they are gone. The thing I don't get is why one teacher always gets three boxes of pens on the first day I put out supplies. We seldom run out each month but he feels like he needs 36 at once. Send me an addy Weese...I got a great deal on spiral notebooks back in August. Five cents each...I went back many times and took many people with me. :-)

SassyFemme said...

When you've got lite brite who needs paper? Just spell it out in lights!