Friday, January 21, 2011


we shoveled again this morning. apparently there's more coming on Tuesday.

I took some pictures a few days back, or was it weeks? or was it yesterday.
O well, either way I thought I might like to look back on these.
We'll just call this they year we didn't need the gym.

I should also mention our star shoveler - Ferris, is soaking up the warmth, good food and good times in Florence. He simply bought a ticket, got on a plane, and now he has a little efficiency with a roommate and he is doing some pick up work for a guy he met out there when he did study abroad last year.
He can only stay 3 months without a work visa.
He said before he got on the plane "I have three months to find a wife."

Ok - back out to widen the driveway now.

trying to shovel a path for the 90lb FREE dog

when it hit 2 feet we made the first pass at clearing.

note that our fence is 4 feet tall.

we realized after the storm that we may need to clear more snow - unless the patio was to become her outhouse.

and so we made some paths with the snowthrower.


e said...

OMG! You must be so sick and tired of snow! We'd love a little out here but nothing like that. Cripes!

Best of luck to Ferris!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

I had a snow thrower when I lived back there. Cool tool.

Ann said...

A graph on showed possibly 20" on Wednesday-Thursday! I think you all have more snow than we do.

Val said...

Love that you tunneled paths for the free dog... Our dogs just made their own paths back in the day.... apparently you have a princess!!!! :).

treppenwitz said...

Regarding your son's search for a wife in Italy... may I direct his (and your) attention to the scene from The Godfather (Part I) in which Michael Corleone's and Appelonia's fast-track courtship in Sicily is shown.

Bodyguards optional.