Monday, January 31, 2011

a slippery slope

Apparently there is a massive storm blowing into the area tomorrow which will bring with it several more inches of snow and then a full day of ice on top of that.
This will be very heavy. A big concern here has been snow loads on roofs.
So far most of the collapses have been flat roofed buildings and sheds. But with a storm like this coming - this could change.

We were watching the news this morning and there were reports of people falling off their roofs and ending up in the hospital all over the area.
Perhaps these people have slightly underestimated their own capabilities or maybe they have forgotten that snow and ice can be slippery.

Our old colonial farm house has a pretty steep pitch to it. This not only helps keep the snow totals lower -but carries the load better.

The problem here is our much flatter lower roof which wraps around half the house.

There is some drifting, and parts of this roof never see the sun - this has us a little concerned. Concerned enough in fact to want to do something about it.
But -with the storm on the way early tomorrow morning, it leaves us no time to hire this job out.

I am working from home today - so my arthritic wife has forbid me to do anything about this until she gets home this evening.
(tee hee)
What makes a dangerous job more fun? That's right, do it in the dark. Might even be better if we were drunk - but I have enough trouble with ladders sober, so we may pass on that.

Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to get pictures of the project in progress... unless of course the news crews get here in time.


alter rigo said...

I'm home. I'll come help.

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Weese, do you know how big the roof joists are in the roof around the house. If they are 10 inches you have nothing to worry about with the short span. If they are 8inch you will want get the snow off. If they are six or four inch do as much as you can from a ladder. Do not walk around up there.

Also if your attic is like the Federalist house I grew up in you can use 2X4s to brace the roof joists. Every eight feet should do the trick. If you have a laser you can determine if there is any bowing.

weese said...

wow Guy thanks! this is good to hear. the wrap around porch is all new-ish framing, I am almost certain its 2x10's (tho i will look up the construction pics to verify). our attic is already supported with 2x4's under almost every rafter (we removed a couple). oh and it already bows a bit - i think it sighed relief when we took off the four old roof layers and replaced them with only one.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....I see quite a few icicles on your gutters. I live in Canada (also with snow) and have no icicles. I see your garage has no icicles either. Do you think the attic on your house needs better insulation and ventilation?

- Rae

Val said...

Good luck and be careful!

Linda would like to know if a roof picture of you both would be your picture for the project??!!!! :)

KMae said...

Be very careful & good luck.