Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sorry... have I not been blogging?
That's because I spend all my free time shoveling snow.


Ann said...

I was thinking about you two ladies this morning, wondering how you're doing. Hope you're enjoying life in between shoveling.

Val said...

And I.... Just keep coming here everyday to check..... Sigh

Trish said...

lol....a mighty fine excuse if I've ever heard one! ;-)

should I mention my friend in Palm Springs said it was 90F yesterday? Had to run the A/C ALL DAY! I buckled and put on shorts for a skosh when we hit 60F here in NorCal!

happy shoveling

poet said...

was wondering where you were. sorry you are getting so much snow. we have had a few storms, but then it rains after a few days so we really don't have a huge amount on the ground. we are supposed to get around 30cms friday. glad i work from home now and do not have to venture out. take care.

KMae said...

Ain't it the truth!!!
And even more today.