Friday, April 22, 2011



This tip is brought to you by my new favorite customer service rep at Drs F oster and Smith - where I recently purchased a new dog bed for the Free Dog. It was one of the best customer service experiences ever I must say.

Completely out of character, I purchased an overly priced, overly stuffed designer covered cozy new bed to ease the trauma of moving. I know I know... go ahead and say it if you must - that's not going to help; I am a big softy; I spoil my children and pets (duh).

If you're like me and prefer to launder the pet bed cover often - here is a great tip to make it easier to put the cover back on. Some of these covers can fit quite tightly making it difficult to slide the bed back in.

Take a garbage bag, in the case of Free Dog's bed -- Free Dog who now tops 90 pounds... it's winter weight, she and I are both working on that -- we'll use a large lawn bag for her large size bed.
Slip the bag over the bed - open side away from you.
Then take the bed cover and slip it over the bed starting from the side where the bag is open (the openings will be on opposite sides).
The cloth cover will slide on easily over the slippery plastic.
Then just pull the bag out!


eb said...


There, I said it.

e said...

Funny, I just washed a dog bed cover yesterday! And the dog towels, the dog rugs, and of course the dog.

Thanks for the tip!

Syd said...

Oh, that is genius!