Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Packing 101

We're packing.
It's a little early - but we're excited.

Plus, last time we moved it was not all that smooth.
Hey - it was the 80's, we were in our mid 20's and kinda casual about the whole process.

Casual meaning... not really prepared.

Not prepared meaning that by around 10pm we were just grabbing arm fulls of stuff that had just not been packed.

No really... weese was a little less on top of things in the old days.
That's back when I was 'self-medicating'. I was calmer then. Tho clearly not as prepared. Every thing's a trade-off.

Just ask the friends who moved us. They still have emotional scars (and possible physical ones too).
I suppose that could be why they keep sending me emails with referrals to good moving companies and showing up in my driveway with packing supplies.

But this time... this time we'll be ready.

Hmm, is it possible to be too ready?


eb said...

No. You can never be too ready when it comes to moving because there will always be piddly shit at the end and the less of that you have, the calmer you will be.

e said...

Too ready? No.

Once, when I was in my late teen years and still living with the parents, we were moving and the electricity had already been shut off. At 10 or 11pm my dad was saying "Strike a match and see what's left... then just feel around."

No, you can't be too ready.

Maria said...

I tell Bing weekly that I WILL NEVER move again. If you saw our basement, you would agree.

Trish said...

never be too the time we moved, hired a mover and everything as we weren't 20 anymore...they never showed, in fact, vanished from sight. Good news, we never paid them a dime up front. bad news, scrambled to get friends and trucks to get our sh!t moved---and that was the least of the tsuris for the day, believe it or not.

Just remember, the things YOU carry with you on move day: TP, papertowels, meds, extra clothes/toiletry needs, tape (scotch and blue), pens, towels, hand soap, the old and new home paperwork, paper cups and plates and the number to the local pizza place for dinner.

excited to see new pics & hear new stories!

wv: mycrhost...similar to my christ, but slightly off...;-)

maxine said...

I waited to comment on I thoe only one taking the title just a wee bit naughtily?