Monday, April 25, 2011

Putting technology in its place

My off-the-grid wife has been forwarding me articles about how bad my cell phones is for my health.
She tells me not to hold it against my head for too long and that I should not carry it on my body. When I pressed her on statistical result data she was not too positive what the actual long term effects might be.
So I now carry my cell phone exclusively in my front pants pocket.
I am hoping to discover a way to shorten menopause.


eb said...

Aren't 'off-the-grid' and 'forwarding' mutually exclusive?

e said...

Your plan sounds plausible.

Jen said...

and use a wired headset. I heart your brainy wife!

Anonymous said...

your plan is flawed... if i put my cell phone in my front pockets (which i do often), it will have nothing to do with menapause, and everything to do with my quad muscles!!! I have very deep pockets in my khaki's!!! jes sayin'!

Your wife should be busy with other things like planning the move, etc... instead of worrying about your cell phone location... oh and if she'd quit calling you every five minutes, then you wouldn't have it near your head, now would you????!!

:: stepping down from soapbox::: sorry 'bout that! got carried away!

Val said...

oh - that was me... val - don't know why it published as anonymous!