Monday, April 02, 2012

the change?

Let's face it.
I'm 50.
Half a freakin' century. A century is a really long time.

So this weekend when I began a new demo/remodel project in the basement, I not only quickly realized I was in over my head - I got weepy about it.

Luckily... being 50 has the added advantage of being able to afford professional help in such matters.
My choices would be - a therapist to help me work through my issues, a doctor to prescribe some sort of hormonal replacement, or a handyman to do the job I am clearly too old to do.

I bucked up and hired the handyman.

My workshop...before the makeover (yes. its that messy... can you believe this is in MY house)

after pics to come...


elf said...

clearly you don't know the definition of messy

teeveezed said...

Me too, that and the addittion of M.E. has rendered me incapable of doing any reno work. I cried. A lot.

Jen said...

Hey, 50 is the new 40.... we are jealous.

I shudder to think about a remodel over my head... but then again, I did light a wall on fire twice. That might have been over my head now that I think about it. Good thing Sara was a fire-fighter.