Friday, April 27, 2012

project work at the little house by the marsh

I have failed to post about all the construction, remodeling, landscaping, swearing, crying, painting, scraping, digging, sanding, sweeping, drinking, and washing we have done here so far.

I want to.
I want record it all.
For posterity.
For me.
But - it seems that with the end of each project or task comes a new one on its heels. They have mounted up in a heap now, and I am so far behind that I became paralyzed.

Today I throw my paralysis to the wind. Who cares if I am starting in the middle (or the end?). Just start. Today is now.

ok. so.
Monday we started renovation on the one car attached garage.
Seen here on move-in-day last July. Ew. That isn't even our crap in there.
You see, one of my 'had to haves' when we were house shopping last year was a two car garage.
This house didn't have that. We liked the house anyway (what were we thinking.. more stories to come)

And so...

The (my) garage is now almost complete - we are landscaping (by we, I mean my hardy-wife - you can see her wheel barrow there) and still need electric.

Since I am too lazy to actually get out of the car to open a garage door. This winter I ran an extension cord across the back yard into the basement. I am so clever.

Converting the one car garage to a studio was also part of the original plan when we looked at the house.

Sadly this renovation has been idle all winter...

Happily it is no longer idle.
(seen here after being gutted- new rafters installed to allow for insulation and lofted ceiling -more pics coming as we make progress) 

I have lived with this enchanting artistic woman for ...well most of my life now... and in all this time she has never enjoyed a true studio space. In our last house we shuffled her from basement to garage to backyard to front porch to back bedroom. Never a space that was hers. Never a space that could really be called 'the studio'.

I have longed for many many years for her to have one (o sure... I bet she was longing too).

And so finally... after all this time -- well in a couple more weeks...

My love, my best friend, this amazing artist will finally have a space.
A space to be creative, and enlightened.
To paint, to draw, to cut glass, to sip wine, to chortle, to dream, to inspire, to be.


maxine said...

I anticipate it will be finished by Mother's Day?

Fran said...


Ann said...

Adding my smile here... you two are just too sweet and cute!

LizC said...

Sorry if this ends up as a double post, but my original post seems to have gone poof.

Nice looking garage, but I'm having trouble picturing it in relation to your first picture, since the building to the right doesn't have a roofline that matches your original garage (soon to be artist's studio). And, yes, my OCD has kicked in!

Teresa said...

You two are so awesome. Both for one another and as a renovation team.


Maria said...

I am going to make Bing take a look at this post. I want my own writing studio SO BAD. I have my own office, but it is at the top of the stairs on our second floor and the door has no lock, so I am continually bothered each and every time I try to write. I want a room of my own, with a lock...and privacy.