Thursday, April 05, 2012

to win?

On my commute into work this morning I concluded that some people seemed threatened by merging traffic.

Threatened to the point where they need to block other drivers from simply merging in from an on-ramp.
I believe this keeps other drivers from 'winning'.

To stay out ahead of the race, I notice some drivers will follow very close to the driver ahead so as to not allow any evil merging cars to get in front of them.  This assures them a front spot - well... ignoring the thousands of people already in front of them of course.

Others are so clever as to pull their cars to the right, into the active merge lane, to block the evil oncoming commuters from moving forward where they may find a spot to merge in ahead of them. This causes lots of people to get backed up, mucking up the entire merge process, and therefore is a big win.

To top off this mornings commute, a woman in front of me in a very large, high end (am i judging?...) gleaming white SUV tossed her cigarette out the window.
Really people?


elf said...

On several of my biking commutes to work, I have encountered those who purposefully drive or block the bike lane. Because you know, if the biker gets ahead then the terrorists win.

Anonymous said...

I get so mad when people don't respect the "zipper merge" when there is a lane closed up ahead. It's just an extreme lack of courtesy. Big jerks.