Wednesday, May 09, 2012

On the bright side?

We are no strangers to living in a house under construction/remodeling.

It's not for the faint of heart.

Furniture is temporarily strewn about rooms while its original location lies in rubble and dust. You step over things without even thinking. The vacuum is a permanent fixture in the middle of the dining room. There is a fine layer of dust on EVERYthing - even tho you keep wiping and wiping. The screens outside, nearest ground zero are laden with sawdust, muddying the view. Of course you don't dare to open those windows...not that it really helps. The yard is wet and gooey where the grass has been disturbed or removed. The dog gravitates to the expanses of moist dirt - why o why. And so there are muddy towels always to be found near the door, the vain attempt to keep outside out.

The bright side? Well... it makes entertaining a breeze. Gone are the days of keeping the house tidy and clean. No picking up, no dusting. O sure there is daily vacuuming - can you tell? Stuff is piling up on all horizontal surfaces. Its as if nothing has a place anymore. The disruption is infectious.

Drop ins are welcome - we just don't care. Watch your step please.

1 comment:

Maria said...

You are a good match. One of my chief complaints when Bing does home improvements is 1) they take too long, or in her case...don't ever reach completion and 2) there is always an unforeseen discovering that our wiring is "all fucked up, guys" or that our fire place "flashing" is "dicey at best."

I just want to go to work and come home and have it all done and most importantly, all cleaned up.