Monday, May 07, 2012

Bucking up

Work on the studio project is moving along. Its rather nice just having people show up everyday and do stuff.
This is the back of the house where they cut a giant hole into the brick.
Today they are doing cementy things out in the backyard.

In the meantime - I had recently lamented that the project we had started in the house had gone awry when my menapausal hormones decided I could not handle this heavy work.

To quell these hormones I used some wine... and hired someone to pull out some of the heavy, hard to manage stuff from the room.

Then ...we took the job back.

I am (yet again) painting the basement walls. We're using UGL Drylock on the cinder block walls. Its a great product, and the walls look nice and clean. This paint actually has cement mixed into it. This helps with moisture seapage through the block. Its kinda like painting with peanut butter, tho not as tasty. You can have the product tinted - but I want to stick with nice pure, clean white. Ahh white.

Then we (read 'we' as mostly my spunky-wife) tiled the floor with the least ugly of the cheapest tiles we could find at our local big box stores.

She is quite good at it.

This small room is done now and I was able to move my tools back in.

Here are the before and afters:

hideous, scary chaos



much better

next up....
the laundry room:


e said...

oh the joys of homeownership...

Fran said...

Yay! Great job ladies :)