Monday, May 21, 2012


Progress on the construction project.

After MUCH consideration, debate, research, waffling, deciding, looking at pictures and changing of minds - we finally made a decision on what to replace the garage door with.

There were many factors to consider, with a big one being price.
We quickly found out that would could get literally anything our imaginations thought up ...for a price.
If we wanted to be able to continue to - we may have to compromise a bit.
Here is where we ended up:


After (unfinished, and without the handles installed yet):


maxine said...

nice plan and more light...yay!

alter rigo said...

Nice dumpster

LilliGirl said...

more retro? Looks cute. I think we need a closer after shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The doors will open for a lot of cool breeze and sunlight - good for painting. Also, moving in and out large canvases will be easy.

- Rae