Monday, June 24, 2013

follow up

Just to swing back around to an unfinished project before moving on.

This weekend we installed new screen/window things on the screen porch.

Each unit arrived packaged up nicely. There are 10 in all, each custom sized for the opening.
 Starting on the back wall.
(my new ladder - my overly cautious wife made me buy a new one after I fell off and bent my old one)
 Here are the first two installed. The first unit has all the windows closed. the second has the windows all tucked down to the bottom - leaving open screen at the top.
The 'windows' are a thin, lightweight vinyl.
 Whala! It took about 5 or 6 hours to do the entire install. I was a little slowed down by choosing to work at noon in full sun. Duh.

Free Dog has acquiesced. I think she preferred the room with no walls at all.

For her we have all the windows stacked at the top. Allows a nice breeze.

The windows also come out if we wanted to store them over the summer season.
But we'll leave them -- its nice to sit out in the rain and keep all the furniture dry.


e said...

Those look great! So much better than the previous. I really like how they stack into themselves.

The room is great. What's on the floor?

maxine said...

Much nicer than the previous white trim...

Lue Madson @ DryTech Roofing Company said...

Awesome! You were able to install your screen windows within six hours. Were you excited to take a rest in your porch and enjoy the view outside, so you finished it right away? Haha! Well, I wouldn’t blame you because you have a gorgeous outdoor view! Looking at it will simply make anyone feel relaxed. Free Dog can prove it! :)

process said...

What is the brand of these and where did you get them?

John Gwaltney said...

Hmm, it seems that it was Free Dog who got a first glimpse of your outside view after you installed the screened windows. Look at how cool he was while staring at the surroundings. Sitting pretty on that huge cushion, huh? I'm sure you didn't allow him to be the only one to enjoy. Haha! You stayed in your screen porch afterwards, didn't you?

John Gwaltney @ Nehemiah ReConstruction